Grandma and her boys

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Made from a swap stitchery and fabric

I have been busy this week with all sorts of things other than stitching .....  but what I did manage to do was use the "Stitchery and fabric " sent to me from Peg in the Once a Season Swap.

I have a work pouch sent to me from USA in a Xmas Swap  a while back ....  and always thought I would make one ... but no pattern!!  So it got put off which is so easy to do ....

When the lovely Fabric+ Stitchery arrived from  Peg I knew directly what I would do with it ... so out with the tape measure and extra fabric and low and behold  here is what I have ... I am so pleased with it ... I even put in a see through pocket so you can look for threads with out pulling them all out. I may even make more for pressies.. . But I should  have pressed it before I took the pictures.



Thanks Peg once again. xx