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Thursday, 24 February 2011

In the post today

In the post today I received my " Seasonal Swap "

from Sheryl in Scarsdale, Vic, across the Tasman Sea.
It was just great to get a parcel of lovely goodies.....
after all the disastrous news in NZ for the last couple of days

So here they are a lovely bag with embroidered Flowers and also a purse with a zip top... I have many uses for these lovely items. Also a wonderful smelling Raspberry scented soap and they really are just my favorite colours.

Thank you so much Sheryl

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A speach that will stay with me for a long time.

Today I heard our Prime Minister John Keys give a speech that moved me more than any speech I have heard before ... As he declared a National State of Emergency

So to all my friends overseas I have reproduced it here for you to read...
This is all so close to us .....  NZ is a small country you are never more than 4 people  away from someone you know or knows of you with only 4 millon people everyone knows someone. .... this makes it almost personal.

New Zealander's have woken to a tragedy unfolding in the great city of Christchurch.
The earthquake that struck the Canterbury region at ten to one yesterday has wreaked death and destruction on a dreadful scale.
There is no reason that can make sense of this event.
No words that can spare our pain.
We are witnessing the havoc caused by a violent and ruthless act of nature.
Many people have lost their lives. Families have lost their cherished loved ones. Mates have lost their mates. These deaths are the greatest loss.

They remind us that buildings are just buildings, roads just roads, but our people are irreplaceable.
Today all New Zealanders grieve for you Christchurch.
To all those who woke up in Christchurch today feeling lucky to be alive, we know that you too are shocked, unnerved and grieving. We know that your loss is sharpened by fear.

Our minds go to the mothers and fathers comforting children struck by anxiety and disbelief.
They go to the elderly, infirm and isolated who experienced this event alone and who remain blunted by shock.
And they go to each and every Cantabrian who has stoically endured six months of aftershocks, only to be hit by the biggest shock of all.
On behalf of New Zealand let me say to all of you: We feel your pain, as only a small nation can, for none of us feel removed from this event.
I am a proud son of Christchurch. I was raised there, I got my first job there, my sister lives there, my mother died there, I know what a wonderful place it is. 
But my connection to Christchurch is no rare thing.
All New Zealanders have a piece of our heart in Christchurch.
All of our lives are touched by this event.
A friend or family member who lives there. A time spent studying there or a memorable experience had there.
We feel connected to your suffering. Your tragedy is our tragedy.

Today I want Christchurch to hear this message: You will get through this.
This proud country is right behind you and we are backing you with all our might.
The world is with us.
Our Australian neighbours, our British and American friends, the great countries of this world, all are putting their shoulder to your wheel. They are sending their support, their expertise, their people to help us.
Christchurch, today is the day your great comeback begins.
Though your buildings are broken, your streets awash, and your hearts are aching, your great spirit will overcome.
While nature has taken much from you, it can not take your survivor's spirit.
This devastating event marks the beginning of a long journey for your city.
It will be a journey that leads us from ruins and despair to hope and new opportunities. From great hardship will come great strength.
It will be a difficult journey, but progress is certain, things will get better, Christchurch will rise again.

On behalf of the Government, let me be clear that no one will be left to walk this journey alone.
New Zealand will walk this journey with you. We will be there every step of the way.
Christchurch; this is not your test, this is New Zealand's test. I promise we will meet this test.
Today and tomorrow our focus must be on preserving lives, on rescuing those who are trapped and treating those who are injured.
We pay tribute to the hundreds of search and rescue workers, emergency personnel, medical professionals and each and every person who is contributing to this effort.
You are heroes amongst us.  Already the bravery and resilience of Canterbury is on show.
In the weeks ahead our journey will take us to new obstacles, new challenges.
We have a city to rebuild. We have peoples' livelihoods to restore. We have a community's confidence to inspire.
We will rise to these challenges.
We will rebuild this city resolutely, and with the conviction that this is what it is to be a Cantabrian, what it is to be a New Zealander.
We are a country of pioneers. Whether we came by waka ( Maori boat) , sailboat, or aeroplane, we came with the conviction that we could build a new life in this country.
That great pioneering spirit will come to the fore in Christchurch over the coming months and years.
Though lost lives will never be replaced, and though your city will never look the same again, you will rebuild your city, you will rebuild your lives, you will overcome.
We have seen many cities in the world come back from disasters on this scale, and Christchurch will be no exception.
I know that all New Zealanders stand ready to help.
Right now, we can help by rallying around those who are grieving, supporting those whose livelihoods are in peril.
My message to all Kiwis who want to help is - act on that desire. No act of kindness is too small.

Right now, you can help by offering support to friends and family who are hurting. Offer them a bed or a roof over their head if that is what they need. Make your donations to help those who have been hit hardest.
As infrastructure recovers, your visits to Christchurch will be welcome.
Above all, throughout this journey, offer those affected your love. Know that your humanity is more powerful than any act of nature.
As we look to the future, New Zealanders should know that the Government is going to do everything we can to support the recovery and rebuilding of Christchurch.
We are a resilient nation, and we will not bow down to this challenge.

John Keys 23rd February 2011

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Christchurch NZ

Nature has done her bit again to  Christchurch and lots of other areas in Canterbury with another 6.3 strong earthquake. My heart goes out to you all especially those that are injured or  grieving family members.
It is so so sad to happen again so soon to the same place the people must be beside themselves and we all feel so helpless up here...
approx 70 killed on last TV count, and there are still I believe 60 people unaccounted for that they know of.... we saw shock after shock live on the TV...  since the first shock at 1pm.
The really sad thing is the Cathedral Tower and roof ( Christchurch icon ) has collapsed also killing people

A scene from today's disaster......
They have just spent 5 months cleaning up after the last bad quake and getting their lives back to some normality. Life is so cruel on occasions  How much more can one city take ? I ask myself  ..
We can only pray for them at this point in time.

I believe Miss Deb is okay which is wonderful ...
Oh! how I would love to offer everyone a break up here in Rotorua where the ground is not quite so shaky.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Why? did I not stay in bed.....

Just a year ago the paint work in the hallway was repainted ...while all the moving of furniture has been going on in last few weeks nicks have been taken out of the paintwork... no problem have a tin of paint in garage .. will do repairs .
So today I decided was a good day only take a few minutes just 3 or 4 nicks. Duly done. 
 I took paint tin into garage to reseal, placed it on the floor and was banging lid in place when ...whoops!!! it tipped over at least 1 litre of Spanish white paint over garage floor ...
what was I to do?   .. after a minute I decided to get a broom and paint the floor so the results are here... no way could I have cleared it up.

So every girls dream a white garage floor.

Now my Mum always said "don't cry over spilt milk" ...She did not mention paint ......

The ironing saga... update

I would love to say that I have managed to do as I said ... well I did for 2 days .....but then
life, my friends and stitching just got in the way ... so sorry FAILED miserably.
Does it effect the State of the Nation ...NO!!  I do not think so ...
so to heck with the ironing.

It has been a week ....

So ....  almost a week since I did my last entry my it has been a week...
I managed my 3 swims and 2 arthritis water exercise classes

In between ....
2 committee meetings for  Embroidery and Arthritis 
 1 AGM for Patchwork at which ...I managed to not put myself forward for committee
or allow anyone else to do it, but I am willing to help with our exhibition in June
Embroidery AGM this Wednesday .. but I will stay on this committee.

Sunday saw my Rotary Inner Wheel ladies here for a garden lunch,
all dressed in their garden party hats with husbands and partners ...
we kept it very simple
and just did salad and chicken ( shredded) with cobs
and had a "make your own cob table".
Everyone got to put in exactly what they wished so no one was disappointed.
The committee made slices for dessert and with 8 committee members
we did not have one double up.
Luckily my gardener managed to cut the lawns on Friday ( blessings on him) and the garden was a picture ... thank you Barry.
The rain which was forecast stayed away until the evening and it was also not to hot
but  we had plenty of umbrellas.
I also fitted in 2 sewing sessions Tuesday and Friday  at ladies homes where we ate nice afternoon teas and did a bit of chatting of course along with the stitching...

Embroidery guild Wednesday and a trip to Village Fabrics at Te Puna Friday daytime .....

Guess what today I feel  " I am not sure how?"
May be exhaustion would be a good word so I have vowed to stay at home all day
and do almost nothing ...
Well !! you know as most of you are women who read this ...
nothing means of course .... laundry, dishes, make beds, general cleaning and meals ...
Oh! and do a couple of the minutes of meetings that need typing up.
so in the spare time of this day doing nothing  may be I will fit in a little stitching.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

First lesson

Ellis had his first surfing lesson on Sunday and he took to it like a "duck to water"    he managed to stand and come all the way to the beach on his first try... Well Done.

 Guess it is easy on dry land
 How about this nice little butt.
 He had a bit of trouble carrying the board
Here he comes ...wheeeeee!!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Everyone has a pet hate...

Yes ! I know they have ... now mine is ironing it is not a new pet hate been with me for  as long as I have had to do my own ironing..

My iron nice and state of the art    yes ! I do have one  ...  it drives me mad as it switches it's self off if you don't touch it for 5 mins ... very annoying when quilting.

My best reprieve was when we were over seas and I had someone come in to do it or we had a live in maid/ nanny to look after the kids the house and especially the ironing.
When we finally stopped the world trotting life I had to get to it myself this was often difficult and DH would have to ask for shirts etc. They would all be clean but just not ironed.... he also managed a few himself but also not his favourite pastime.

I am not one for resolutions as I just can't keep them ...weak see.

But I have made one today..why ?  you may ask.  
Well there was at least  a couple of  months or more ironing in the laundry and  every time I needed something .... I would iron it there and then. Today after my first cup of tea, for some unknown reason I started to iron all my clothes from the laundry at 7.30am and finally finished at about 10am .. now don't they look good, in fact I love to see them all hung up and crease free...

So have decided I am going to iron as I wash ..... if need be each day that way the pile will never be big ... in theory that its.
Even all the pillow slips got ironed I am not daft enough to iron sheets but do love the pillow cases ironed.
So here I am taking photo's of my washing and ironing ... and telling you about it "How sad  is that "
I had better get a life.
If you would like some of the pills I am on,  just drop me a line ... "gee" these must be good pills if they can make me do ironing.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Some photo's of Ben

The Weetbix Tri athlon last week finally some photo's of Ben....

Saturday, 12 February 2011

What a great surprise

This surprise sadly was not for me... but I am as excited the winner of this competion ... my daughter Kathryn

To read all about it click HERE

Here are Ben and Alex they are the stars of the Radio programme.

My Needle Case

This is a picture of the  first needle-case I made ( of this pattern) a couple of questions have been asked "was it a pattern"?  " is it available " ?

Well I have to say ... no not really or not from me ... you see I saw a picture of it on the Internet while we were living in Dubai  I used to while away many hours on the net there when it was to hot to go outside  and I used to collect ideas for stitcheries to use in the future .. for the life of me I can not remember at what I was looking at at the time and it struck my fancy so I drew a quick sketch of it  ... there was no name with it  .... it was just a picture on a Google photo search.
I have since tried to find anything like it on the net but to no avail, I also asked the question with the picture of my needle case to many groups that I belonged to at the time and no one had any idea where it was from etc.
But since then someone from USA did leave a comment and said it was " Atalie "  what  I have since found out  ... she is may be a French designer but I can find nothing about her or where to get her patterns. I have searched the net I can find nothing  similar  and no one seems to know anything about the patterns
I would also be very interested if anyone out there knows anything of her or her patterns.