Grandma and her boys

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Now what shall I do with it all ....

Hey guess what ?   You probably can't so I will tell you
Mr Keys ( Prime Minister of NZ) has given us golden oldies a pay rise wheeee!!
A whole $24.68 a month  .....
I just don't know what to do with it, I know .... may be I will just let the Grand kids have that more expensive ice-cream on Wednesdays instead of an ice pop ..... or the cat can have the expensive Whiskers food that he enjoys so much.
Or may be I will just put it in my purse and it will disappear just like all the rest in there.
Oh worries me!

On a completely different  and more serious note ........
This has been one of those weeks that I can do with out repeating, 2 friends have been diagnosed with  cancer, another needs a bypass urgently, A lovely elderly lady from church has been admitted to hospital with kidney problems ......
another friend has been given notice to quit her rented accommodation
So I send these hugs to them all

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Catch Up Time

Life has been hectic for awhile .. so the blog has been on the back burner for a bit.
Lots of things going on with the house reorganisation and update .. bathroom is now complete and looking good, should have done this ages ago but you know how it is one puts it off or on the to do list.
I have now decided the house is far to large for me and the cat so have decided to rent a part of the house as a studio with an on suite bathroom it will be self contained and fully furnished ... if any one has any tips to pass on on this subject I would be pleased to hear from you. 

Sewing, I have been doing lots of small items for swaps and gifts  here is a sample  of useless items that I did this last week....

My quilting MoJo is still missing, but have embroidery to fall back on .... will show what I have been doing another day

I have also been doing a fair bit of cooking for the freezer ready for the winter some casseroles,  soups and curries  I am getting so organised it is beginning to worry me ... shame I still can not get the ironing organised ...yeah ... all my good intentions of keeping up with it have flown out of the window again.

The mornings are getting cool here and the tracksuit bottoms have been on a few days already until the sun comes up, the long sleeved tops have been found from the back of the wardrobe and laundered ready, or into the Op shop bag ... why do we store away clothes and stuff we know we will not use again and will give away as soon as the season comes around again, must be the squirrel in us or the hoarding instinct.
So I will go and sort some more stuff, and catch up again soon.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

This week

This week has very busy one way and another

Old bathroom vanity now a thing of the past and a lovely new one in it's place a picture of the lovely man Jim who fitted it for me and some shots of the wall after the mirror tiles were removed he has kindly left me to clean up the wall ... mainly because there is no need to pay him by the hour to do something I can do myself.

So here is the up todate bathroom vanity

with new towel rails I still need to find homes for every thing in the drawers and cupboards but that will not take long ...hopefully
Just the new carpet to come ...wheeeeee!!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Here goes ...chocoholics

I have had a few emails giving me different diets and also links on the net ...this is the best one I think.
It is all in Calories and would have to be worked out for all you people who do not understand them...

It seems the way you eat your chocolate and when ... is given a name interesting reading.

They really don't constitute a chocolate diet it is mostly a diet and eat some chocolate.

•Secret Bingers, people who hide chocolate and don’t want others to know they eat it. The plan consists of a 250-calorie breakfast, two light meals of 350 calories each, a 400-calorie main meal, and a 100-calorie treat. In the second week and in following weeks, there is a daily chocolate allowance of 150 calories. Dieters may also have a 200-calorie dessert or beverage,

•Romantics are often single and use chocolate as a substitute for love. Their menu plan is a 250-calorie breakfast, 350-calorie light meal, 400-calorie main meal, and a 100-calorie treat. After the second week, they may spend 300 calories on a chocolate treat three times a week

•Comfort eaters consume chocolate when tired or faced with a problem. Their plan consists of a 250-calorie breakfast, 350-calorie light meal, 400-calorie main meal, and two 50-calorie treats. In the second week, there is a daily chocolate allowance of 200 calories. In following weeks, the allowance is 50 calories

•Weekend Indulger's associate chocolate with celebrations. Their daily calorie allowance is 1,350 during the week and 1,600 on the weekend. The menu plan is a 250-calorie breakfast, 350-calorie light meal, 400-calorie main meal, and two 100-calorie treats. After the second week, 300 calories in chocolate is allowed on each weekend day

•Sugar addicts often get most of their calories from carbohydrates and may use chocolate as a fix when tired. Their plan consists of a 250-calorie breakfast, two light meals of 250 calories each, a 400-calorie main meal, and a 100-calorie treat. In the second week and in following weeks, there is a daily chocolate allowance of 200 calories

•Premenstrual cravers overindulge in chocolate during some days of the month. Their plan is followed as needed one to two weeks before or during a menstrual period. The diet consists of a five 250-calorie meals and a 100-calorie treat.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Confession .. help needed

I am a chocoholic .. always have been and it can come in any form for me .... I am not fussy.. by the slab, as a cake, as a dip or a drink .... just bring it on

Over the decades of my life I have struggled with my weight, and at this present time I am on that roller coaster again ... it has piled on... it has to come off.

So if anyone out there in Blogland has a chocolate diet please send it to me straight away.

Quiet week ... it all starts to happen tomorrow

This last week has been uneventful and quiet ... did the normal Embroidery Guild and Stitching groups, the weather has been just great, But tomorrow starts the fun and games ...

The original bathroom in this house is in need of a desperate update or remodeling or call it what you want.... What I would like to do is remove the pink bath and put in a "wet room shower" you know no shower stall just tiles and a drain... but I live in a Lockwood house ( entirely wood a bit like a log cabin )and this really is a little more than can really be sensibly done .. but it can be done at GREAT expense far more than I am willing to pay.

Actually it is amazing how good it looks in the picture ... the camera really does lie
So what is going to happen .... a new vanity is going in tomorrow, and a few new trimmings like towel rails and shelves and may be a new mirror ... .
Then I am going to have the luxury of carpet in there no more cold floor in the winter for who ever uses it, it is a very small area so if the carpet has to be changed every few years what the heck.
Then I will stand back and think " Oh well it will have to do!!"
No ... I am sure it will look great ... and anything will be an improvement

Saturday, 5 March 2011

So what did we get up to....

I made that phone call and Prue and I hit the road to town... it poured with rain all day  ..... after the first attempt to put up the umbrellas we found it took longer than a quick trot to the shop doors .. so we gave up on them. After all our skin is waterproof.

So it was a day of window shopping we did buy a few little items, me I got 4 new tea-towels just what a girl needs .... but it was great to just wander with nothing particular in mind to look for, amazing what you look at ... we tried on rings at the jewellers, clothes in some shops, checked out the shoes we did not require .. and furniture we definitely did not need. 
It was great just to see what was out there on offer.

I met a couple of friends I'd not seen for ages ... then we realised we had missed lunch ... so off to the food hall and we treated us to  Chinese .. that saved cooking dinner this evening.

I then remembered at 6.45pm that the poor cat had been in all day so headed home and he just stirred off the chair I had left him on, I wonder when he would have moved if I had not come back when I did.

So looks like a slice of toast for supper and may be a early night with the book as it is still down outside

I have not been far....

I am still here not doing a lot of anything particular ... a bit of stitching and normal housework etc.
I have been following all your blogs and loving all the stitching you industrious folks have been doing.

On one of my trips into the Internet I came across this piece that I could have
used a few times in my life ...

"I know that you believe that you understood
what you think I said,
but I am not sure you realize that
what you heard is not what I meant."

The weather here is beginning to break a little it is still hot
and humid but the evenings are beginning to cool down so sleeping is great, I am actually getting an extra couple of hours ...
Okay it is the wrong end of the night and I am getting up later and later ...
but is that not what retirement is all about.

So I had better think of something constructive to do today as it is raining ...
may be I will phone a friend and go shopping and have a bit of lunch ...
Oh! life is such a whirl ....