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Saturday, 31 January 2009


We planted some fuchsia's a few weeks ago and one took a direct hit from a very bad thunderstorm and torrential rain we had one night. The other did not suffer the same and has sprung back
So I replaced the one and this is the result.
There is almost not a stem that does not have only one flower.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Just one more

As it is the appropiate time of year I thought I would just pop in this one.

'Twas the week after Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even her spouse
The quilting frame had replaced the tree by the stair,
In hopes she'd not be disturbed, she quilted there
Outside the flurries of snow from the sky,
Made not a sound as they floated by.
The needle also made not a sound
As through the quilt it slid up and down.
When out from the kitchen there arose such a clatter;
She flew out of her chair to see what was the matter.
There in his longjohns, stood a sleepy-eyed spouse,
"Why can't I find something to eat in this house?
A knock on the door gave them both a fright
Who'd be calling at this time of night
They opened the door, and what a surprise!

A very weary-looking Santa stood before their eyes.
"I know it's past Christmas, and you think I'm out of my mind,
But I'd like one of your quilts,
if you'd be so kind."You see I'm ashamed,"
he said with a pause,
"But I forgot a present for Mrs. Santa Claus.

"Sir, please help me 'cause you must know how I feel,
A woman can make a man feel like a number one heel.
"The lady smiled, and turned with a grin,
Returned with a quilt, and handed it cheerfully to him.
"Here, Dear Santa, is my latest creation."
And she gave it to him without hesitation.
"the Quilting is good, and the colors quite nice,
""I want her to enjoy it; there will be no price."
"Thank you and God Bless. I knew quilters were great!"
"now I must hurry, as the time is quite late"
And they heard him exclaim,
as he turned to depart,
"Only a quilter would have such a big heart.

Author Unknown - if YOU know,tell me so I can properly attribute this poem

Red and Orange,Yellow and Green Blue, Indigo and Violet to

While searching the internet for some quilt related items.
I came across these poems and thought all quilters
should share them, so here goes.

Red and Orange ,Yellow, green,and blue, indigo and violet to.
By Jacquie Scuitto

I went to a quilt show And what did I see
But more kinds of quilts Than I thought there could be:
There were huge ones and minis
And lots in between,
Combinations of colors That I'd never seen.
Some quilts were just triangles,
Others all squares.
I saw appliqued angels, Rabbits and bears.
I saw fanciful shapes And stars all aglow,
All the quilts with no ribbons And the grand Best of Show.
I never have known Such excitement before.
When is the next show?
I want to see more!

It's Your Quilt
by Nancy Riddell

It's OK if you sit on your quilt.
It's OK if your bottle gets spilt.
If you swallow some air and you burp, don't despair;
It's OK if you spit on your quilt.
There are scraps old and new on your quilt.
Put together for you on your quilt.
If your gums feel numb'Cause your teeth haven't come,
It's OK if you chew on your quilt.
We expect you to lie on your quilt.
If you hurt, you may cry on your quilt.
On a cold rainy night,
Don't you fret;
you're all right.
You'll be snug, warm and dry on your quilt

I actually have more but will post them another time.

Mark of Quilters Home

While I was residing in Dubai some ladies there used to receive a magazine called " Quilters home"
This magazine was the brain child of a guy Mark Lapinski a quilter and he decided quilting magazines were to "stick in the mud " so he developed his own.
If you ever get a chance to read one of these Mags take it...he puts humour and reality into quilting. This guy writes about real quilters and people like us, he allows copying of his write ups "to your hearts content" he says. He also writes about his family and every day things.
Just read this and you will feel Oh! so better about yourself and your UFO's.

One of his missives..
My super Powers there were times when they had surfaced before, but it was definitely just three years ago when my powers moved into high gear.
2005 was the year Evan turned 13. His “You don’t understand,
Dad” attitude reached critical mass, and his bedroom was a chaos that you
could barely walk through.
I knew one of us would eventually end up on Eyewitness News
for mud wrestling over the state of his room, so I took the sage advice
of my quilt guild buddies who had learned from parenting their own
teens. “Pick your battles,” they’d say. “Just close the door.”
I did.
And that’s when I realized that I could see through
doors. I had super powers! Every time I walked past Evan’s room, I could
literally see the nightmare of dirty clothes, half-eaten sandwiches, and
empty soda cans that lay behind the white six-paneled door.
Lately, my super powers have heightened and re-focused on my
quilting universe.
You see, my friends and family don’t understand that
when I look at the piles of fabric I have stashed around the house,
I don’t see yardage anymore. I see finished quilts. Yup, just like Haley
Joel Osment saw dead people.
When I look at my drawers stuffed full of fat quarters or the bolts
of uncut material teetering in stacks, I know exactly how I would arrange
them into a perfect piece o’patchwork. I can see the appliqué and I can
feel the feathered quilting without ever picking up a rotary cutter or standing
at my APQS.
Now when I go to my local quilt shop, I buy freely and without
guilt. I don’t just come home with yards of great fabric; I come home
with The Dream. I never have to put a single stitch in any of it if I don’t want
to because my powers allow me to see finished quilts.
When I buy books or patterns that I know I’ll never use but simply
must have, I let myself off the shame hook because I know I’m buying The
Dream. For that matter, when people buy my patterns or take my classes,
I don’t care if they ever actually finish the project—I don’t think I’d ever
finished a quilt class project myself— because they bought their own
As creative mortals and quilters, we have the right (and the super
powers) to dream and buy and never sew a thing and still proudly call
ourselves quilters.
When I’m having a rotten day, I only have to riffle through a
few of my fabric piles to get in touch with the ghosts of my future quilts,
and I immediately feel better, grounded, and at peace with the world.
If I want to cut, piece, and create a quilt with what I have, then great! If not,
that’s OK, too. Nobody but a fellow quilter could ever understand this
fine print in the Quilter’s Code.
So stop beating yourself up for buying more fabric than you’ll
ever use. Get rid of the guilt that comes with UFOs and scads of
unopened patterns, books, and magazines.
Tune out your critics and the quiltzillas who use you as an example
of having too much quilting stuff and doing too little with it. It’s none of
their business, nor do their wallets foot the bill.
Get in touch with your own super powers, then design, cut, sew—
or not—to your heart’s content!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Using items from a blog

I am quite happy for people to use anything that I publish on my blog, if you wish to copy that is just great by me, I would treat that as a compliment, if it goes to a good cause then that is a double bonus

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Quilting Superstitions

This list was sent to me, I am not a superstitious person normally but you may well be so here they are.....

Luck .
. If you begin a quilt on Friday, you will never live to finish it.
. Never quilt on Sunday. It is the day of rest.
. If a thread breaks, it will bring misfortune.
. Stitching a spider web design into a quilt will bring good luck.
Love and Marriage .
. Design a bridal quilt with continuous borders of vines or ribbon-
like patterns. A broken border is said to foretell a broken marriage.
. If an unmarried girl puts the last stitch in the quilt, she will become
an old maid.
. If a girl shakes a new quilt out the door, the first man who comes
through the door will be her future husband.
. When a quilt is first taken off the frame, wrap it around an
unmarried woman to give her luck in finding a mate, or throw it at
the first single man she sees to charm him into a relationship.
. Marriage quilts should be laid out fresh so that dreams on the first
night will come true.
. If two people shake a cat in the quilt, the one near where the cat
runs out will marry first.
. A girl who begins piecing a quilt will not marry until it is finished.
. After finishing a quilt, the first one over whom it is thrown will be
married first.
. If someone wraps you in a new quilt, you will get married within a
. If you break a needle, the next baby will be yours.
Miscellaneous .
. After a quilt is completed, the quilter should sleep with the quilt one
night and then give it to the special person it is made for.
. When a person is ill, it is said if they sleep with a quilt, all the love
from the quilt will heal them.
. Never make human figures on a quilt. It is believed the figures will walk
and visit you at night.
. If anyone starts a quilt in the form of a star, someone in the family will
die before it is finished.
. If you dream while sleeping under a quilt for the first time, the dream
will come true.

I often wonder where and when these sayings first appeared, I would guess at the "Quilting bees" of yesteryear. When women gathered to quilt and they had to talk of something.

Opera in the Pa

Opera in the Pa:
Yesterday evening saw this a unique event situated on the steps of the beautiful Rotowhio Meeting House at the award winning tourist icon Te Puia.
The stage was the steps of the meeting house with a backdrop of bush and hills covered in steam from the geysers and bubbling hot pools which make up this strange mysterious geothermal area
Opera in the Pa won the NZ Tourism Award for Culture and Heritage innovation in 2002, the standard has remained high to this day.
Artists featured were Elizabeth Marvelly, now travelling the world singing with Paul Potts, Timua Brennan, Bonaventure Allan- Moetaua, Claire Barton, James Ioelu, John Bond, and two up and coming exciting young singers who we will be hearing a lot of in the future.
The supporting singers are internationally recognised and ably supported by Robert Wiremu the musical director and the evening was compered by the acclaimed opera expert Max Cryer.
The programme was a mix of traditional opera, contemporary music and Maori culture.
It was the sort of event that gave you goosebumps and made you wish for a voice just like these amazing young people.
My photographs are not good but will give you an glimpse of the event.
It took place in the Whakarewarewa Thermal Valley. According to tribal history, this was the place where the goddesses of fire, Te Pupu and Te Hoata, emerged from the earth’s core, inhaling and exhaling, creating the geysers, hot springs and mud pools. Some 500 pools and at least 65 geyser vents, each with their own name, are found on this site. Seven geysers are active, the most famous, Pohutu, meaning big splash or explosion which can erupt up to 30 metres high, depending on its mood. you can take a guided walk. Your guide will be a direct descendant of the original inhabitants of the area, back through 25 generations to the 14th century.

Whakarewarewa is pronounced far-car-ree-wah-ree-wah. Or you could be like most Kiwis and just call it "wokker". Not culturally sensitive - but certainly shorter and easier.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Dear Bertha, a letter from a friend

This letter was written to a friend by an 83yr old lady, I think we can all take something from it lets not wait until we are 83, put some in to practice now.

I'm reading more and dusting less.

I'm sitting in the yard and admiring the view without fussing about the weeds in the garden.

I'm spending more time with my family and friends and less time working.
Whenever possible, life should be a pattern of experiences to savor, not to endure.
I'm trying to recognize these moments now and cherish them.
I'm not "saving" anything; we use our good china and crystal for every special event such as losing a pound, getting the sink unstopped, or the first Amaryllis blossom.
I wear my good blazer to the market.
My theory is if I look prosperous, I can shell out $28.49 for one small bag of groceries.
I'm not saving my good perfume for special parties, but wearing it for clerks in the hardware store and tellers at the bank.
"Someday" and "one of these days" are losing their grip on my vocabulary.
If it's worth seeing or hearing or doing, I want to see and hear and do it now !!
I'm not sure what others would've done had they known they wouldn't be here for the tomorrow that we all take for granted.
I think they would have called family members and a few close friends.
They might have called a few former friends to apologize and mend fences for past squabbles.
I like to think they would have gone out for a Chinese dinner or for whatever their favorite food was.
I'm guessing; I'll never know.
It's those little things left undone that would make me angry if I knew my hours were limited. Angry because I hadn't written certain letters that I intended to write one of these days.
Angry and sorry that I didn't tell my husband and parents often enough how much I truly love them.
I'm trying very hard not to put off, hold back, or save anything that would add laughter and luster to our lives.
And every morning when I open my eyes, tell myself that it is special.
Every day, every minute, every breath truly is a gift !!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Sewing again

Yesterday I just spent the first whole day since returning to Rotorua sewing, there just seems to have been to much to do with the house etc.
With my new work room now up and running it was great, and every thing seems to be in the right place. The electricity situation needs tweaking a little but nothing that can not be sorted with extension power boards, the cutting table needs to be just a little higher but that also can be fixed with a false top being made to fit the table, or a frame for the table to stand on.

I am in the middle of 48 blocks of the Steeping Stone Quilt.
I decided to do the conveyer belt system where you are working on all the blocks at once, it is working out very well. Here is a view of a few of the 48 (others piled on the table) plus the prototype block.
I have just realised how close these colours are to the quilt in the photo on the blog of a quilt that I really like the colours of. When I chose these colours I had nothing like that in mind, amazing.

Smart Boys

Now seeing children dressed like this is a rare sight these days, so I thought I would show you so you can remember what it is like.

These photo's were taken of Ben and Alex at Kerry and Daniels wedding last year and they have just surfaced. They are not the best when it comes to light and exposure
Alex at 31/2 looking so cool.

Ben looking so smart

I wonder if we will ever see them in a suit again or if so, how long it will be.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The campervan

I am sure somewhere in the last few weeks I have mentioned the slight bump I had with a tree that got behind me when I was reversing the camper van on Christmas day.
It was a bit of a mess with the back door bent and windscreen gone
Well it has taken 2 weeks for it to be repaired and while we were at it we had the whole van resprayed and all the rust, lumps and bumps smoothed out it is looking oh! so smart.
The respray was on the cards before the tree hit me, so this just bought it forward a little and made it something we had to do rather than something we were talking about, so a bit of a blessing in disguise really.
Here is the nice new back door
This side seem to get in contact with fence posts and gateways.. but look not a mark anymore
We carry a bike rack on the front and this causes scratches which are inclined to rust so we will have to reorganise the loading of them cushioning the paintwork in future.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Tuesday.....has anyone seen my Dad

Today was one of the days to take care of Harvey while Mum works.
Our morning was filled up with the carpet cleaners, Harvey was very interested in the enormous machine the cleaner used, I was amazed at the size of it myself.

So once this was finished and the whole house had very damp floors I decided we would have to go out for lunch and visit the shops for a bit, giving the floors chance to dry.
We duly visited McDonald's as was Harvey's wish, the the $2 Shop as he had a 2 Dollar coin in his pocket which just had to be spent.
Now Dad was supposed to pick him up from my house around 5.30pm, Harvey collected all his bits and pieces his bike and scooter, some flowers from Grandma's garden for his Mum also his bag and car seat and sat awaiting Dad's arrival by the front steps, after almost an hours wait he announced he was hungry so I cooked him so toast which he duly ate while sitting and waiting. I finally called Dad at 6.30 answered by Ellis to be told Dad had called me and got no reply and would I take Harvey to meet him at the soccer practice field ...which of course I did.

So here is Harvey waiting for Dad.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Last House project tomorrow

Tomorrow sees the last of the household jobs that need to be done since our return to our own house after our 2 yrs in Dubai.

It has not been such a large task as I expected after all, but we have worked almost for 2 months non stop on garden and house.

So tomorrow sees the carpets being cleaned all through the house.

Then I can get on with some stitching and quilting, I have 2 projects waiting, one already started and a new one.

The new one first being a quilt called "Steeping Stones" as done by my friend Bonnie from America from a book belonging to her mother.
I have every thing ready to go even the test block is done.

The second is a " 60 Redwork Hearts Quilt" but that I have changed the stitching to 40 hearts in Salmon Pink and have some very nice dull Japanese fabrics, I am sure it will look very good when I have finished putting it together. It is going to be put together very randomly and in no order what so ever, I have no pattern to follow so it is going to be as much a surprise to me as every one else.

I have to keep up and on track

After viewing many blogs I realised that people are doing wonderful things to their blog sites.
Now not one for being left behind I thought it was time to upgrade, update and titivate my blog.
It was not quite as easy as it seemed it took awhile to get to grips with the finding the site on the web and pasting the new wallpaper into your blog, what happens if that is not the one you like after all .... well you delete and start again, it was getting tedious but the end result is good I think.
I am now convinced that I would not make a graphics designer .. but I won't be hasty for with training I am sure it would be possible. I would much rather be faced with a bag of scraps and told " Produce a Quilt" my reply would be "no problem, how large and who for?"

There are a few things left to do before it is finalised and I am leaving that in the capable hands of my Daughter .. God Bless Her.... I know when I am beat and when to give in gracefully and this is one of those times.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Happy Birthday Ellis

Ellis is eight today, my it does not seem long since he was born. Being the first grandchild it is very much in the memory.

He had a family birthday party today.

We had no idea what to buy him so have opted to take him shopping, Iain his Dad says he will give me a list of the things he is NOT to buy.... now that's different

Friday, 16 January 2009

Friday Nights

A few years back a group of ladies from Embroidery Guild started to meet on a Friday evening.
We do all sorts of things as a group with Charity Quilts and items for our own use, we organise a Pincushion Swap between the 6 of us and gift swaps on our birthdays and Christmas. We do projects like block of the month etc.
This year we had a secret Santa gift exchange,
I thought you would like to see what Anne made for Sugi..... called Girls Day Out
I think these gal's are just neat and can't wait to have a go at them myself.

We do not have enough room in each others houses to take sewing machines so we do hand stitching.
With the time spent in Dubai where I finished various and quite a few hand stitched pieces, this now means I am very short on stitching projects ( until I get organised again) so I checked out the internet and found these cute little Russian Doll patterns done in Red Work they are in sets of three, this is how far I have progressed today, they really will not take long to complete. So watch this space.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

A Great source of Entertainment

This cat arrived at our house just after the neighbours left, who were renting for a short time next door , we were here such a short time before they moved that we really did not have time to say Hi or Goodbye as they were out at work every day.

He is a lovely cat but needs some care and attention it's coat is in bad shape and very dirty, which is surprising for a cat. It is around morning till night and always on the doorstep by 7am in the mornings ready for me to get up.
It is actually a lovely cat and beginning to get thinner it also does not stray far from my garden and the house next door where I suspect it lived, after asking in the neighbourhood and no one seems to have seen it before, I would guess that it has been abandoned.
I am refraining from feeding it and will give it another few days if no one comes forward who owns it or it gets any thinner then I will call the SPCA shelter.
So in the meantime it is finding great amusement watching the fish, it spends hours doing this, so far I have not seen it try to touch the fish.

From the pictures it actually looks quite large but it has long hair and has lost a fair bit of weight.
I was eating lunch on the deck a few days ago and left my plate with some beans and bread on while I went in side to get some tea, on returning outside it has jumped up on the table and eaten the beans and bread, not what cats normally will eat so it must have been really hungry.

Mum working, Grandchild minding

My Daughter in Law Claire has a part time job which is great as she works for "Body Shop" and we get to hear of all the specials and discounts and free samples of new products.
But School holidays obviously causes a bit of a problem with Childcare.

So Grandma to the rescue!!

Ellis ( 8 on Sunday) is at a school holiday programme, but Harvey 4 is at a loose end of course not old enough for the programme .... shame he would love to go.
So I have a list of dates to the end of January for 1 or 2 days a week childminding.

Today is one of those days, Harvey arrived at 8.30 am with toys and games, his bike and scooter perfect for entertaining him all day.

At 9am he asked if he could go and see if Molly and Max are home ( they live 2 houses along the street from me) so off he trots, yes, they are and can he play with them...okay
It is now 1.30pm and I have not seen him all morning, and now they have all gone to the recycling centre and the park with Gill ( Max and Molly's Mum)

Childminding it's easy and no hassle as long as you live along the street from Gill.
Wonder what she is doing next Tuesday Morning ??

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2007 Kathryn and Steve gave me a enormous cup and saucer flower pot.
Because we were in Dubai at the time I put it safely away.

This year I planted it with Begonias and it looks a picture.

So although it's a little late ...Thank you

Thunder and Torrential Rain

Yesterday evening we had an enormous thunder and torrential rain storm it only lasted an hour or so but it did a lot of damage to the flowers and plants in the garden, I really thought that was the end of them for this summer they were all bent and lying down. Many blooms were wrenched from their stalks.
But on getting up this morning the sun was shinning and I took a walk around the garden and along the street and behold all the flowers were stood up again tall and straight you would not believe anything had taken place the evening before
This Gladioli in a neighbours garden was almost flattened
it is now upright and what a beautiful colour

The Cana lilies in the water, I really expected them to be lost but hey! they must be made of sterner stuff.

The Agapanthus this year have been enormous these actually stand 5ft tall and the blooms are almost 18 inches across.
For every one who tries to grow these in the northern hemisphere, who spend hours tending them and are pleased if they manage a 4 inch flower....I am sorry to tell you these are actually a weed here

Most of the blooms from this creeper were knocked off, but this morning new blooms.
I really should find out the name of this plant it is every where and another that grows like a weed, you also gets many different colours, this one is the common colour.

This Fuchsia took a hammering but is hanging in there.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Yard work and spiders and "Trout flies"

Yesterday I spent the day "Water Blasting" the outside of our house and garage to remove all the cobwebs and spiders, ready for it to be sprayed against them. I then did the patio yard and drive, every thing today is looking oh so clean. It took me three and half hours in all, but in fact love playing with water so this job was no great shakes to me I could have gone on for twice as long.

This is something that many countries would not dream of having to do, but here in New Zealand we seem to have an abundance of little creatures who like to live on the outside of buildings.
Although we do not have any creatures that can cause serious harm here most just cause a nuisance at times.

Then to top it off ... living by the lake we have what is called here "Trout flies" these little creatures are like mayflies and are
minuscule and they only live 12 hours and their main aim is to reproduce, they are attracted to light of any kind and if you have security lights it will be swarmed by the flies, which then get caught in the webs made by the spiders, so you then have a dotted web covered house...... OH! the joys of living by a lake.
You just have to remember in the summer time to close the drapes before you turn on a light inside the house.
Or you will not be able to see the ceiling for "trout flies". Now these are quite harmless and it is the idea of them rather than any problem they cause, your first reaction is to spray them.. but no if this happens you turn off the light and leave the room till morning, then you vacuum them all up off the floor in the morning so much simpler and no harmful products being sprayed about....

A useful artical

Many may or may not know that my daughter Kathryn is married to Steve
who is a Type 1 Diabetic.

I know a fair amount about Diabetes as my Father was a diabetic also my Grandmother and I seem to know quite a few other friends and acquaintances who suffer, it's a health problem that seems to follow my side of the family around. When Kathryn first met Steve and she told us of his condition I thought yes! that sounds about right for our family we seem to gather them in to the fold.

A lot of people do not understand the details of Type 1

Kathryn in her blog wrote a very good layman's explanation of it, I know she won't mind but I am going to copy it here for you all to read.

Kathryn wrote -

As you know, I live with Diabetes, Steve is Type 1 Diabetic.

As I laid in bed the other night, after he had had a small hypo! I thought about how you would best explain it to someone who didn't understand it totally.

This is my simple explanation......
Imagine if you will a bank account, now the balance of this account can be anything between 4 to 10 (in the US their blood sugar readings are measured in a different unit, but you get the idea) Now the whole idea is that you need to keep the balance in this range.
When you eat, the balance goes up. You body then produces Insulin and the balance comes back down to the right place. IF you don't eat anything but you do lots of exercise and use lots of energy then you balance starts to go down. You start to feel like crap and you need to eat and drink to get the balance back to where it should be.

If you have Type 1 Diabetes, then when you eat your balance goes up but it does not automatically come down. This is where you have to test you Blood Sugars to find out what the balance is and then take the correct amount of Insulin for what the balance is.
If you do not have the Insulin then your balance will stay at the high range and make you very thirsty, constantly wanting to pee, and generally feeling very unwell. This is known as Hypoglycemic Attack (Hyper)

At the other end, if their balance falls below the recommended range then they start to feel faint, dizzy, sick and general really yucky, this is called a Hypoglycemic Attack (Hypo).
So once you have had the correct amount of Insulin, then your balance comes back down to the correct range, but if you have not calculated correctly or you do exercise and have the Insulin then you can make the balance go down even further.
Generally they start to know when their balance has gone below the correct range because they feel unwell and they correct it by eating some sugar. Unfortunately at night sometimes this can happen and they can be so deep in sleep that their body does not wake them up with the signs and symptoms, this is when they fall into a Diabetic Coma.

They do give off signs and symptoms but not enough to wake themselves up but enough to wake someone lying next to them sometimes.
Steve will start moaning, or as has happened the last few times, he jerks his arms around and his body does the odd shake. This has woken me because the bed has moved and as I turn to him I can hear his breathing and if I feel him he is cold and very sweaty. That is all the signs I need,
and know what to do.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

My work room in progress

The view from my work room window

As everyone knows we have just returned from Middle East where hubby was working for 2 years, while I had hours to sit and sew and think, I came up with the idea of changing around a few rooms here in Rotorua. So when we arrived back it was put in to all go mode.
Thus I have a new workroom not so much a larger space but a larger cupboard and a much nicer window with a view across the garden and my new water feature, it is also not quite so hot in the summer as it gets almost no sun, so hopefully things will not fade.
All my fabric and items arrived back here in 5 large plastic containers, 10 shoe boxes and all manner of receptacles it was quite daunting for they had to find homes in a new room where I had no idea what was going where.There was also all the items and stuff that never went to Dubai in the old workroom to be accommodated as well.
The shelves are beginning to fill up still more to go in from the old work room
The old work room had lots of drawer space but it was all built in and can not be moved and this room has none, so a trip to the warehouse for some plastic drawers was called for, these little pieces of furniture are actually great as you can almost see whats inside with out opening the drawer.
Everything is begining to find a home, I can tell you things have moved from here to there and back again looking for the best place.
The room is almost unreal as it is so tidy and free from clutter that these photo's will remind me in months to come just how it can look, when I am knee deep in muddle and fabric with not a surface to put anything down on.
Okay, just one more pile to go then I have sorted everything well almost and every box and container has been emptied, and I can get back
to stitching...the thing is do I remember how, it has been about almost 3 months since I did any serious stitching, Where do I start ?
All my fat quarters are neat and almost all sorted into colour, on a shelf in the cupboard, I am getting scared to touch them don't want to disorganise them...I am a real fanatic for seeing things in straight lines etc and am loving seeing all this.
Small sewing machine at the ready.

Quilting machine ready for the off as well.

I really must remember to post some photo's in a few months just so you can see how I have gone along with trying to keep organised....... that will be interesting may be I will open a book and take bets on what the state of room will be.