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Monday, 19 January 2009

Last House project tomorrow

Tomorrow sees the last of the household jobs that need to be done since our return to our own house after our 2 yrs in Dubai.

It has not been such a large task as I expected after all, but we have worked almost for 2 months non stop on garden and house.

So tomorrow sees the carpets being cleaned all through the house.

Then I can get on with some stitching and quilting, I have 2 projects waiting, one already started and a new one.

The new one first being a quilt called "Steeping Stones" as done by my friend Bonnie from America from a book belonging to her mother.
I have every thing ready to go even the test block is done.

The second is a " 60 Redwork Hearts Quilt" but that I have changed the stitching to 40 hearts in Salmon Pink and have some very nice dull Japanese fabrics, I am sure it will look very good when I have finished putting it together. It is going to be put together very randomly and in no order what so ever, I have no pattern to follow so it is going to be as much a surprise to me as every one else.

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