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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Tuesday.....has anyone seen my Dad

Today was one of the days to take care of Harvey while Mum works.
Our morning was filled up with the carpet cleaners, Harvey was very interested in the enormous machine the cleaner used, I was amazed at the size of it myself.

So once this was finished and the whole house had very damp floors I decided we would have to go out for lunch and visit the shops for a bit, giving the floors chance to dry.
We duly visited McDonald's as was Harvey's wish, the the $2 Shop as he had a 2 Dollar coin in his pocket which just had to be spent.
Now Dad was supposed to pick him up from my house around 5.30pm, Harvey collected all his bits and pieces his bike and scooter, some flowers from Grandma's garden for his Mum also his bag and car seat and sat awaiting Dad's arrival by the front steps, after almost an hours wait he announced he was hungry so I cooked him so toast which he duly ate while sitting and waiting. I finally called Dad at 6.30 answered by Ellis to be told Dad had called me and got no reply and would I take Harvey to meet him at the soccer practice field ...which of course I did.

So here is Harvey waiting for Dad.

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