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Monday, 20 June 2011

Why quilting improves your health in ways even exercise can't manage

This artical was in the Mail newspaper in UK sent to me by a friend to read I thought you should all know about it as well ....... so it is offical the hours spent quilting is good for your health ... it is just the wallet that complains.

Why quilting improves your health in ways even exercise can't manage
As devotees of a quiet and contemplative pastime, they would be the last to make a fuss about it.
But quilters, it seems, have every right to celebrate their craft after researchers found that it is ‘uniquely’ good for you.
A study found quilting improved well-being in ways that physical and outdoor activities could not, and offered a creativity that had been ‘stifled’ in the modern world.
The University of Glasgow team concluded that all hobbies – ‘from reading to train spotting’ – should be looked at for their mental and physical benefits.
They interviewed quilters and found the activity helped their cognitive, creative and emotional well-being, particularly among older people.

The use of bright colours was ‘uplifting’, the activity distracted from the stress of work, and quilting offered challenges such as maths and geometry. It also increased confidence and had an important social side.
Professor Jacqueline Atkinson, co-author of the study and a quilter herself for five decades, said: ‘Doing something that engages you and that you enjoy is key. As adults, we don’t often do enough that includes fun and play.

‘We put a lot into studying the use of green spaces and that’s useful to individuals and communities.
'But maybe we need to say there are other things too.’
Graduate student Emily Burt interviewed 29 members of the group and the transcripts were analysed for the study, published in the Journal of Public Health last week.
Beneficial: The researchers said more consideration needed to be given to hobbies, from reading to train spotting, and their potential for enhancing wellbeing.
It concluded that: 'Whether it is growing vegetables, knitting a jumper or discovering a new scientific formula creativity may be fundamental for wellbeing and has received little attention so far within public health.

'Exploring creativity and what people do in their everyday lives, which they deem creative, may be an important avenue for wellbeing promoters.
'Additionally, more consideration needs to be given to all hobbies, from reading to train spotting, and their potential for enhancing wellbeing.'

Craft Scotland said interest in quilting amongst younger Scots was increasing but there was no measure for how many people take up the hobby individually or in clubs.
Emma Walker, chief executive of Craft Scotland, said the research backs up what they are seeing on the ground.

She said: 'We’ve definitely seen an increase in groups doing quilting socially but also individuals.
There’s an emotive connection as well as financial need to recycle.
'Historically older groups of women did quilting but women in their early 20s are getting together and children's groups are also taking it up.
'People are investing in quality pieces of quilting, but also looking to make items themselves and re-use materials they have in their homes.
'I can only see the popularity increasing.'
The craft industry contributes around £3 billion a year to the UK economy.

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Spring at Midwinter

At the local supermarket they had boxes of bulbs for sale a few weeks ago

for some reason they were not selling so they put them on reduced sale @ 2 for 1 

Here is one of the baskets I planted up with hyacinths the smell in the dining room is wonderful each morning ... how amazing that the blue ones have taken off so fast against the speed of the others.

At midwinter around about now at the Friday sewing group   ......  we do a small pincushion swap with a few Ladies from Palmerston North ( a town further down the north island) who also have a small sewing group, one of our ladies used to belong to the Palmerston Group when she lived there.

Here is mine for this year ready to be posted all in one parcel but seperately wrapped  .... we do a raffle type draw at each end when we receive them so you do not know who has received yours until they or we open their parcels.
I have received some lovely ones over the years ... Embroidered, patchwork and felt and non are repeated or anything like the same.

Busy Busy weekend

This weekend was Rainbow Quilters  Exhibition   " Quilts of the Rainbow"

Here is some candy for the eye....

There was 70 plus quilts and it was very difficult to decide which ones to show you.

This small hanging was mine ...not a lot of quilting done here by me lately
This hanging is Japanese Origami fabric folding ... there is not one stitch in each of these Kimono's.
Just a thread or two to hold them on to the back ground.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Comments ??

I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem as me ... then behold I checked a friends blog in Tasmania and found she was having the same sort problem...
I try to comment on friends blogs and find that I can not post it... writing the  comment no problem but the  Blog company does not reconise my Google sign in or Yahoo one .... they seem to require a different type of something or other ...  either an identity or Url / name  not the one I give them ... so for the life of me I have no idea what they want.
I am wondering if there is a new comment thingy  now being used by bloggers or has it changed in some way in different countries   ??
so I am not ignoring you and would love to comment.
 If someone can work this out for me I would be for ever in your debt.

Catch up time

Good day everyone had a few messages "where are you "

Well here I am,  been very busy with personal stuff .. which is now all settled and now it is time for me to move on with my life .. even get back to normal with hobbies and things with no distractions.... I might even get into some quilting again...have been doing embroidery more during the last few months as it was easier to pick up and put down.

This last weekend I was in sunny Napier for a District Meeting for Inner Wheel
where I presented my 6 monthly newsletter for distribution, so that is wrapped up for a few  months before I start on the June 2012 one... I was very pleased with it ... all 16 pages.

This week I have treated myself to a new quilt for my bed ... the bit I have to admit to,  is it is a purchased one ... but it is so nicely done with embroidery around the boarder as well.

the really best part of it was it was on sale at almost 50% off, probably would not have bought it at full price ... I would have admitted I could have made it myself ... but Oh! what the heck I liked it so here it is on the bed .. perfect!

I have visited with my Daughter and family, looked after grandkids, driven my friend to see her sister(84 yrs) who was taken to hospital an hour or so away from here ... she does not drive at night so I was the driver.  Have actually managed some housework  and remembered to feed the cat.

so hopefully now my feet are back on the floor and can get back to normal life ...what ever that may be.

My heart goes out to everyone in Christchurch after the day and night of bad earth quakes ... I believe there has been 2 large and 15 shakes over night  .. please just hold on tight, if you need a break you are welcome here in Rotorua at any time.

Now I am off to sort out some stitching to do .. really should get into the garden but stitching sounds better to me, might even make myself a really nice coffee and have some ginger nuts my favorite. Ummmm!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Winter Swap has arrived

Yesterday there was a lovely big envelope in the mail box .....

I had completely forgotten about the Seasonal Swap I had joined  organised by Cheryl ...
( I had sent off mine  a couple of weeks ago)

Don't you just love surprises !!

A neat little bag in cords and woollen fabrics

Pinwheel table runner in lovely autumn colours
This was  the  surprise inside ... I do hope Fiona does not mind me using her pictures, as her photos are just wonderful.
I have not managed to download my new camera upload stuff on to the computer yet
( upload, download notice the technical details gee I'm getting good,  see education does pay off)

Thank you so so much Fiona they really brightened my day.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Fancy this all you NZ Quilting Bloggers

Fee and Jo from Tasmania have thought of a retreat  for next March.... Check it here
How about it  ? We could make it a come and meet up for the Quilting Bloggers of NZ
with all the lovely Aussie Gals that have become our on line friends.

10 months to save, so get out your piggy banks and drop in a few  $ coins each day