Grandma and her boys

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Winter Swap has arrived

Yesterday there was a lovely big envelope in the mail box .....

I had completely forgotten about the Seasonal Swap I had joined  organised by Cheryl ...
( I had sent off mine  a couple of weeks ago)

Don't you just love surprises !!

A neat little bag in cords and woollen fabrics

Pinwheel table runner in lovely autumn colours
This was  the  surprise inside ... I do hope Fiona does not mind me using her pictures, as her photos are just wonderful.
I have not managed to download my new camera upload stuff on to the computer yet
( upload, download notice the technical details gee I'm getting good,  see education does pay off)

Thank you so so much Fiona they really brightened my day.


sunny said...

Ooh, how pretty! I love the bag. i haven't received mine yet, so the anticipation is building!

Anonymous said...

Laurie what a lovely parcel to receive,i am also looking forward to receiving mine.

BubzRugz said...

Glad you liked them Laurie... I loved making them for you....