Grandma and her boys

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Labour Day

This weekend was Labour Day weekend which              normally signals Summer here in NZ... and it appeared right on time the weather was glorious and I have my first bit of colour, not looking quite so pale and pastie now, the 3/4 pants have come out of the wardrobe and also short sleeve tops, it is also lovely to be barefoot.
I spent most of the time with my Daughter and her family at their caravan doing absolutely nothing, well I did do a few bits of stitching. Oh!  and we did take a half hour walk along the beach so the boys could paddle which of course ended up being a complete soaking in their clothes.

Now today I have to catch up at home, you know washing and cleaning and the sun has bought out the weeds in the garden so have managed a couple of hours trying to get rid of them.

I also deserve an award  as I went swimming this morning at 8am, then treated myself to breakfast at a lovely French Cafe we have in Rotorua, they cook poached eggs like no one else.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Saturday early morning

I managed a good nights sleep and awoke at 5.15am today, still a little early to wake but that is great by me...So what did I do at this early hour. Normally I would do a little stitching, but today I made some tea and sat in bed with my laptop and spent time looking at what you can do with your blog,  new settings etc. Also some interesting information in blogger help.  So what next ... I then looked back through my blog ... I have been reading posts I made 3 and 4 yrs ago
I recommend this if you have a spare couple of hours for that is how long I have been reading my own blog ... it has been quite an eye opener, how life has changed even in that relatively short span of time. It bought back memories of places and people .. it is just like reading your old diary's
It was lovely to see the pictures of the grand sons as babies and how they have grown and developed...that is one of the sad things about digital pictures versus the printed photo's you can not just pick up an album and thumb through it, you have to sit at the computer and some times you have only a couple of minutes, so pictures are not looked at so often.
Our travels and living in Dubai and Bahrain .. amazing how you forget little snippets of life and interesting items.. even though it was only a couple of years ago.
So I would encourage you to give this a try at sometime.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Middle of the night

I am sure you all have had nights like this is now 2.45am.

Polynesian Spa Pools Rotorua

So what is going on.
Well I went to the hot pools this evening at 7pm and had 20 minutes swim and  then a lovely 10 minute soak in a  pool of 40 degrees, back home by 8 o'clock ... all going great when at around
9 o'clock I could no longer keep the eyes open,   so a early night was called for ... all well until 1.30am and  PING up went the eye lids and I don't seem to have another wink of sleep in me,  
so have finally got out of bed made some tea and a slice of toast ... as my mother used to say " night starvation" can often be the reason you wake in the middle of the night.  Not sure if this is the reason but the toast is tasting good and the tea will go down well.

Polynesian  swimming pool

So another few minutes and I will return to bed and hopefully some more sleep.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

This is really not my year

I am beginning to wonder why I tried to  arrange holidays for this year, So far I have had to postpone  three trips away so far... now I have to give going to Australia away for this year.... A few family commitments and cash flow have gotten in the way this time .. things needed doing here at home and the bill has turned out to be larger than I expected, in fact double what I expected ... the bill I don't mind but it has used up what I was going to use for my Australia trip... OH WELL!! there is always next year. 
So sorry to all those people who invited me to visit for a cup of tea, may be next time .. I am determined to get across the ditch so don't give up on me.

Look what arrived in the post

I belong to a few swap groups, all small things,  nothing large or expensive.
This last swap for October was a "pin-keeper"

Here is what arrived from Lynne in Minnesota USA, to add to my collection.
A lovely pumpkin pin-keeper, as it is fall in USA, of course it is spring here so it makes it a bit difficult when you are doing seasonal things in conjunction with the Northern hemisphere, it often works out that I am working out of season ... but I manage and just love making the items.


All Finished

  All finished with in a week of the class finishing must be a record for me.

My Schwalm Needlebook... now I need another needlecase like a hole in the head, but I do love making them.
I actually use just one that holds all I need, but I would guess it is almost like someone who loves shoes ...
"you can only wear one pair at once" but have another 30 or so pairs in the wardrobe.

Monday, 18 October 2010

So the class is finished


Saturday saw me at the final Schwalm class and I had managed to get best part of the homework done ( even with the swollen finger) during the week but the final makeup of the piece is still in progress so here are some pictures of the ladies all deep in concentration etc


Sunday, 17 October 2010

Update on the finger

I have had quite a few comments and emails about my poorly finger.. so though I needed to give an update.
The saga was not a nice one it swelled for 2 days .... on day two I did not know where to put my hand, which was quite depressing,  and I got warmer and warmer as the day went on and my face was that red it looked like I had been on the hard stuff for days, with a head ache and  feeling a bit anxious with a few shaky periods by the end of day 3  I was beginning to get a little concerned... so I looked up the  adverse reactions to cortisone injections on the net.... and yes! I was having all the symptoms... by the third night I had total insomnia.  I realised from my past employment in the  medical profession that it would just take time to wear off so I managed  to relax a bit ...... as I was not taking any more steroids so it was just a matter of time for the effects to subside
By Saturday it had worn off and I cooled down but the insomnia is still around and also the not so good dreams that come with the small amount of sleep I am managing to snatch ... this is another  unfortunate side effect of steroids... hopefully in a day or two  I will get some decent sleep.

Also the swelling has subsided ..thank goodness. Lets hope this is all in a good cause and the consultant will be able to detect what is wrong with the top joint of my finger... I didn't realise such a little bit of my anatomy could cause so much pain .

Thursday, 14 October 2010

This is my sob story

I have Arthritis in my hands lots of nice nodules  all over my finger hands look just like my Grandma's.

I have had a problem with my right hand ring finger for a few weeks and finally had to go and see the GP. who was not worried about the arthritis, he was more concerned about my finger end turning up backwards with the top knuckle flattened downwards... so off to the hospital to see a lovely South African Orthopedic Consultant.
Yesterday was my appointment Grant (the consultant ) was a lovely gentle chap and told me all about every thing and then suggested he gave me some injections to reduce the inflammation so he could actually see what was what going on inside.  Easy one might say...BUT have you ever had your finger knuckles injected.. believe me not something you want to do. Pain like I have never felt before did he do it just once ......NO twice. Oh! ouch.....
So I have just spent a sleepless night and it is now black and blue,  and swelled beautifully.
I tried to picture it for you but the photo just does not do it justice. Also taking it with my left hand  was a bit dodgy as well.  In fact now looking at the picture it does not look so bad the blue colours in the finger has not reproduced well. I just hope it does not swell any more for the ring will have to be cut off...I can still just swivel it.

So hopefully this will all help and he can finally decide what's what when I see him again in a couple of weeks.
Just in case you are concerned ...YES ... I can still sew.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Another one of those "smalls"

Another "Smalls" I am deeply into these things lately, not sure what will happen to this one yet, I am into swaps also all around the world so may be this one will wing it's way across the seas.

From the Australian Inspiration Magaizine, it also has a needlecase to match but I have drawn the line at the pin holder... it is wool embroidery on linen

Family Competition

My daughter Kathryn thinks of all sorts of things to keep her family amused check out her latest competition here

Here are a couple of photo's which I am sure will  give you a clue to whats going on..... but it has a bit of a twist.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

What have I done for me

On Saturday I took the first part of a 2 day course on Schwalm Embroidery ...

14 Ladies from our Guild are attending the class ... so lots of giggles and talking but also copious amounts of work taking place. ... there were quite a few new members taking part ... ladies who have never attempted this kind of work before .. in fact almost brand new to embroidery .. great to see ladies wishing to learn this lovely work

The class is being tutored by my good friend Marjorie Irwin and I have gotten a lot of the homework done today ( Sunday).
 I have a mystery " who done it"  talking book on CD and I have sat and listened and stitched all day with just a couple of breaks to empty the washing machine and hang out the laundry .. a lovely windy drying day. Also to make a Spanish frittata for my evening meal ... which was delicious by the way. Of course a few cups of tea as well.
So here is a part of my work so far ... will not tell you what it is until it is finished  ...which should be at next weeks class.

Finally a moment to blog

Finally a few moments to catch up with every one's blog and also to do a posting myself.

So what has been going on with me in the last couple of weeks, firstly there has been Grandsons running around my house for  4 days a week, I have been up the Skyline Skyride, swimming in the hot pools 4 times , played mini golf twice, walked around Rainbow Springs, ate in McDonald's, had more ice-cream than in the last 2 years  ... made pancakes and drop scones (pikelets) till they come out of my ears...seems they are liked by both set of boys.
Kept the peace, kissed bumps and scrapes, changed sticking plasters, and watched Tom and Jerry more times than necessary .. but it has been a great 2 weeks. But now it is back to school and time for Grandma to get some well deserved rest.