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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Labour Day

This weekend was Labour Day weekend which              normally signals Summer here in NZ... and it appeared right on time the weather was glorious and I have my first bit of colour, not looking quite so pale and pastie now, the 3/4 pants have come out of the wardrobe and also short sleeve tops, it is also lovely to be barefoot.
I spent most of the time with my Daughter and her family at their caravan doing absolutely nothing, well I did do a few bits of stitching. Oh!  and we did take a half hour walk along the beach so the boys could paddle which of course ended up being a complete soaking in their clothes.

Now today I have to catch up at home, you know washing and cleaning and the sun has bought out the weeds in the garden so have managed a couple of hours trying to get rid of them.

I also deserve an award  as I went swimming this morning at 8am, then treated myself to breakfast at a lovely French Cafe we have in Rotorua, they cook poached eggs like no one else.

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Bee Jay said...

Having spent the last 6 weeks in Auckland attending to my mum while she had surgery and then having moved her from a 2 storied townhouse to a smaller one level pensioner unit, I arrived back in Sydney only to spend a very wet, cold and miserable weekend. I thought I was coming home to warmer, sunnier weather as Auckland's had left a lot to be desired for this time of the year but it was not to be. I was glad your holiday turned out so well and only hope Auckland got a little bit of the sunshine and warmer weather as well. Glad you enjoyed your weekend Laurie. Blessings!