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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Saturday early morning

I managed a good nights sleep and awoke at 5.15am today, still a little early to wake but that is great by me...So what did I do at this early hour. Normally I would do a little stitching, but today I made some tea and sat in bed with my laptop and spent time looking at what you can do with your blog,  new settings etc. Also some interesting information in blogger help.  So what next ... I then looked back through my blog ... I have been reading posts I made 3 and 4 yrs ago
I recommend this if you have a spare couple of hours for that is how long I have been reading my own blog ... it has been quite an eye opener, how life has changed even in that relatively short span of time. It bought back memories of places and people .. it is just like reading your old diary's
It was lovely to see the pictures of the grand sons as babies and how they have grown and developed...that is one of the sad things about digital pictures versus the printed photo's you can not just pick up an album and thumb through it, you have to sit at the computer and some times you have only a couple of minutes, so pictures are not looked at so often.
Our travels and living in Dubai and Bahrain .. amazing how you forget little snippets of life and interesting items.. even though it was only a couple of years ago.
So I would encourage you to give this a try at sometime.

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