Grandma and her boys

Thursday, 18 April 2013

UFO's ... my stash

My stash ... no not fabric these are my stash of Embroidery UFO's  each one of these folders has one in it neatly filed on the shelf, believe it or not there was at least 6 more at the beginning of the year and my New Years resolution was to get them reduced.... I have managed 5 of them and number  6 is in progress...
These zip around clear folders are marvelous as you can see at a glance what is in each one and they stand up and file nicely. ( From the $2 shop)

As I mentioned this is the embroidery ones ... quilting ones I will save for another time.... as that is a different saga.

So watch this space for more finishes.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Busy busy ... sometimes to busy

Some times life just gets to busy .... I thought this retirement thing was suppose to be quiet and to do what ever you wanted when you wanted ... silly me !!!
I have never been so busy and I am beginning to think I am to busy for my own good.
It is very difficult to say no, and mean it... I took a training course many years ago that was on "Saying No nicely" it is a shame that I can not put it into action.
It has not been all work and no play in fact it is all sort of play in a way..... I swim each morning at approx. 8.30 but the crunch comes that I should come straight home instead of  going out for morning tea or shopping ...
I tutor an Arthritis  hot water exercise class Monday and Thursday 1pm  - 2pm ( normally only Thursdays but the other person is away for 3 months and I agreed to help out)
Then there is Embroidery Guild ... Rainbow Quilters ... Tuesday stitching ...and Friday stitching ... some where in between I fit in a Museum tour or two when I can...
So what have I just done !!!! well you may ask I have taken on District Secretary of Inner Wheel ( Rotary wives and friends) our district is from Napier to Tauranga ... across the country to Hamilton and south to Taupo ... Oh! help where are all the extra hours going to come from.
So blogging has not seen the light of day to often now.
Besides all the above I have fitted in some stitching and some housework.
One thing I have also done ... is change my car the Hyundai Tucson was getting to big and on top of that for some reason it was a magnet to other cars in car parks ... 4 times it has been nudged or scrapped by cars and of cousre they do not leave names and addresses ... So I decided rather than take out shares in  a Paint and Panel business a smaller car was called for.
so here we have the new car ...  Mazda 3 ....  I am enjoying driving it, it so much lighter and I can actually see to reverse .. always helpful.
But I must try and blog more often ....  if it was January I would make a New Years resolution but it is April so will just try a promise to myself.
Today we have real rain for the first time since before Christmas .... good pouring rain the farmers will be wrapped at least it will help a little with our drought situation.