Grandma and her boys

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Up there and so high

This morning was "Quilting Bee" morning at one of the ladies apartments...So you say... yeah!!

Well! the first thing is I do not do heights, Not that I don't.. I just can't... I go dizzy feel faint and knees give way..........the Dr. calls it "vertigo"

Mary -Anne very kindly drew the blinds in her lounge before I got there.. why you ask....

"SHE LIVES ON THE 36th FLOOR" of a tower block over looking the gulf.

I played with the idea of not going, but could not come up with an excuse to myself why I shouldn't , one that really convinced me to stay at home...I had been told the view was fabulous and not to be missed, was this I kept saying enough to get me into a lift shooting up 38 floors from the car park in basement.

My family will be very proud of me " I DID IT"

It took me an hour to leave my chair which was in front of the window but facing into the room, then came the time to visit the bedroom from where the fab view was.

I managed to get with in a meter of the window and kept looking outwards and held my head up so I would not get a glimpse of the downward view.

I managed the following photo's of the view of the most likely have heard of the Palm a collection of islands built in the gulf where houses cost 3/ 4/ 5 million a time, a few names to drop with houses on the Palm. Brad Pitt, The Beckhams, Tiger Woods, Donald Trump he has a whole hotel there. Plus many more who I just can't recollect this minute.
The blog does not do justice to the pictures, not the best way to see these views if you would like to see them larger email me and I will gladly forward them to you

Monday, 23 June 2008

Goodbye Margaret

Margaret Dennis passed away in Rotorua on Thursday.

I first met Margaret at Rotary Inner Wheel when she joined and she was voted or coerced on to the committee.

Margaret was bubbly and full of such life.

Like me a long time ago she had had Breast Cancer, we took part together in a meeting, letting ladies know how it affected us and how we dealt with it.

Unfortunately for Margaret it was not the end of it all and the disease came back.
She fought and continued life as normally as possible, Malcolm and she went on holidays saw places and packed in wonderful things in the time they had.
They kept everyone in the picture with email updates on how things were progressing on her treatment and her hair styles and hats.
Margaret finally lost the fight peacefully at home last week.

You will be sadly missed Margaret by everyone at Rotary and our love and thoughts go to Malcolm at this time.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Kuwait a return visit

Kuwait Water Towers

I have to leave Dubai again on a visa run, my! these 60days come around fast.

I have a friend living in Kuwait and she has suggested that I go there and see the old place again.

Look at the old stamping grounds and see the changes since the Iraq / Kuwait war.

I am sure life there is different now, so much will have changed, just like here in Dubai over the last 20 yrs.

Now my question is ... "Is this a good move to go back and see a place where you have so many fond memories, of that great period of your life, where you laid so many mile stones for the rest of yours and your families lives ?"
What is it they say " Never go back if you want to keep the old memories alive and unchanged"
If it is possible to get a visa ...... I am going to go............So watch this space for the outcome.

How long are we here in Dubai

Roses from our garden in NZ

This last few weeks we have been talking about our return to Rotorua.

It is getting closer now , if all stays on track, we are on a count down now for December 2008/January 2009. ( of course if things go pear shaped, at any time at all in the next 6 months)
We are both looking forward to this, with plans for the house and garden and of course Eric's boat, for which he had just received the plans, then out of the blue we were asked to come here.

The next big thing also when we return is the pension, my! I never thought what it would be like to draw a pension... but it is quite exciting believe it or not.
Eric gets his next May, but I actually already have mine from the UK don't all rush for a sub...

I get a whole 49 pounds/ $150  a week.....not really going to keep me is it, imagine if both of us had to survive on it?? It will only just fill my car with petrol and give me a packet of crisps to eat on the way home..

But don't worry your heads about this we did actually make provision in our younger days which will pay off in next few months.

So now we are looking at Dubai from different eyes, it is amazing how when you know something is going to change how you see things around you differently.

We are beginning to think about the things we have not seen or done here, to try and fit it all in before we leave.

I am looking at the shops thinking " do I want one of those in NZ" or "Should I buy that to take home"

But to top the lot which I guess is "sods law" in away...our DVD/CD player has packed up and we have had to purchase a new one and now the kettle has sprung a leak and we had to buy a new one of you think this is an omen, telling us the time has come to move on ?

Yes! I do in away, but then that may be just be a frame of mind.

Besides all that here are the main reasons for us wanting to go home.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Hash Summer Bash

Here in Dubai there are 2 Hash House Harriers groups

The official one.....Desert Hash and a break away group Creek Hashers.

The Desert is a family hash and the Creek is an all male hash...some people wonder why and what do they do that women are kept at bay...the mind boggles...I guess they are more crude and loud, drink more and do silly boy things.

So this Thursday saw the Creek Summer Bash which all were invited to, it took place around a swimming pool at someones was a good night it had a theme of an Hawaiian Night.

Folks came in really good costumes.

We had Chinese the connection with Hawaii and Chinese food I can not get but it was good food nether the less. Also a very good night.

Dubai Quilt Show "Celebration of Quilts"

May 30th
saw the Dubai Quilt Show of which I was coordinator.

We had the most wonderful setting at the Atrium of Zayed Women's University, where the help from them made it into almost a professional event, they gave us so much help.

We finally had approx 100 quilts and items on display, it was a non judged show, but did have prizes for viewers choice at the end of the day.

Everyone worked so hard on the set up and we even managed a few men to help which was just fantastic.

So a big thank you to all who helped make it a great event.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Two weeks vacation

Yesterday Malcolm and Janet ( Eric's brother and his wife) returned to NZ after two weeks in Dubai.
It was great being able to show them how the other half of the world live.

They both loved the heat and went home supporting a nice sun tan.
We went on a Dow ( Arab boat) trip to Mussendam a fjord area around the coast in the Oman where everyone swam and snorkeled in the Indian Ocean. This is where we think Malcolm picked up an ear infection. We stayed 2 nights in an Omanie hotel which was okay but we were 4 of only 8 people staying there, which cut down the restaurants and menu a little but we had good service

We introduced them to the delights of "Blue Elephant " Thai Restaurant here in Dubai, guess what !! they loved it and we went there on their last evening as a farewell dinner. They were also here for Eric's birthday and we went to B.E again and this time the staff sang happy birthday with an ice cream cake and candles to boot.

They fitted in all they could taking the "Big Red Bus " trip around Dubai, and Janet came back supporting gold on her arm.
The one disappointment was that Dubai does not do Camel rides as a norm, so Janet did not get to ride one.....we told her she needs to go to Egypt for this. We have all been offered the use of a villa in India for next year so may be she will get an elephant ride then.