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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Up there and so high

This morning was "Quilting Bee" morning at one of the ladies apartments...So you say... yeah!!

Well! the first thing is I do not do heights, Not that I don't.. I just can't... I go dizzy feel faint and knees give way..........the Dr. calls it "vertigo"

Mary -Anne very kindly drew the blinds in her lounge before I got there.. why you ask....

"SHE LIVES ON THE 36th FLOOR" of a tower block over looking the gulf.

I played with the idea of not going, but could not come up with an excuse to myself why I shouldn't , one that really convinced me to stay at home...I had been told the view was fabulous and not to be missed, was this I kept saying enough to get me into a lift shooting up 38 floors from the car park in basement.

My family will be very proud of me " I DID IT"

It took me an hour to leave my chair which was in front of the window but facing into the room, then came the time to visit the bedroom from where the fab view was.

I managed to get with in a meter of the window and kept looking outwards and held my head up so I would not get a glimpse of the downward view.

I managed the following photo's of the view of the most likely have heard of the Palm a collection of islands built in the gulf where houses cost 3/ 4/ 5 million a time, a few names to drop with houses on the Palm. Brad Pitt, The Beckhams, Tiger Woods, Donald Trump he has a whole hotel there. Plus many more who I just can't recollect this minute.
The blog does not do justice to the pictures, not the best way to see these views if you would like to see them larger email me and I will gladly forward them to you

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boysmum2 said...

Way proud of you grandma. Good for you. Nice view!