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Monday, 16 June 2008

How long are we here in Dubai

Roses from our garden in NZ

This last few weeks we have been talking about our return to Rotorua.

It is getting closer now , if all stays on track, we are on a count down now for December 2008/January 2009. ( of course if things go pear shaped, at any time at all in the next 6 months)
We are both looking forward to this, with plans for the house and garden and of course Eric's boat, for which he had just received the plans, then out of the blue we were asked to come here.

The next big thing also when we return is the pension, my! I never thought what it would be like to draw a pension... but it is quite exciting believe it or not.
Eric gets his next May, but I actually already have mine from the UK don't all rush for a sub...

I get a whole 49 pounds/ $150  a week.....not really going to keep me is it, imagine if both of us had to survive on it?? It will only just fill my car with petrol and give me a packet of crisps to eat on the way home..

But don't worry your heads about this we did actually make provision in our younger days which will pay off in next few months.

So now we are looking at Dubai from different eyes, it is amazing how when you know something is going to change how you see things around you differently.

We are beginning to think about the things we have not seen or done here, to try and fit it all in before we leave.

I am looking at the shops thinking " do I want one of those in NZ" or "Should I buy that to take home"

But to top the lot which I guess is "sods law" in away...our DVD/CD player has packed up and we have had to purchase a new one and now the kettle has sprung a leak and we had to buy a new one of you think this is an omen, telling us the time has come to move on ?

Yes! I do in away, but then that may be just be a frame of mind.

Besides all that here are the main reasons for us wanting to go home.

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