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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Two weeks vacation

Yesterday Malcolm and Janet ( Eric's brother and his wife) returned to NZ after two weeks in Dubai.
It was great being able to show them how the other half of the world live.

They both loved the heat and went home supporting a nice sun tan.
We went on a Dow ( Arab boat) trip to Mussendam a fjord area around the coast in the Oman where everyone swam and snorkeled in the Indian Ocean. This is where we think Malcolm picked up an ear infection. We stayed 2 nights in an Omanie hotel which was okay but we were 4 of only 8 people staying there, which cut down the restaurants and menu a little but we had good service

We introduced them to the delights of "Blue Elephant " Thai Restaurant here in Dubai, guess what !! they loved it and we went there on their last evening as a farewell dinner. They were also here for Eric's birthday and we went to B.E again and this time the staff sang happy birthday with an ice cream cake and candles to boot.

They fitted in all they could taking the "Big Red Bus " trip around Dubai, and Janet came back supporting gold on her arm.
The one disappointment was that Dubai does not do Camel rides as a norm, so Janet did not get to ride one.....we told her she needs to go to Egypt for this. We have all been offered the use of a villa in India for next year so may be she will get an elephant ride then.

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