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Saturday, 24 May 2008

Cream Raw Silk

Cream Raw Silk... this is the material for Kathryn's wedding dress.
Today I purchased the fabric from a shop I use in Satwa, Dubai along with the lining fabric.

I had to explain to the Indian fella's in the shop that it was for a wedding dress, and NO not for me, but my daughter and they were highly interested in all the details, they were amazed that the fabric was being flown to New Zealand to be made up.... and they made me promise a photo for them to see when I return after the wedding has taken place.
It will wing it's way to Kathryn via Uncle Malcolm and Aunty Janet's suitcase when they return from their holiday here...they arrive this coming Wednesday.
So back to the fabric .......I had a great time searching for the samples and always wondered what it would be like to purchase Raw Silk in large amounts and when the time came it felt great.
The range to choose from was amazing and I had already sent Kathryn some samples and this was the one she settled on, but still before I let them cut the 5 meters I called her in NZ from the shop just to check once again I had the right one.

I then searched for lace for the short sleeves( these are a may be at present, to be or not to be that is the question)
I found a few French ones....... most were beyond a joke in price even here in Dubai where fabric is so cheap, as I mentioned before the lace short sleeves are not a definite on the dress yet........ So there was no way I would pay the high price in case it was not used after all,
I managed a few reasonable ones for her to look at. Although I am sure lace is available in NZ especially the small amount that is required, and way below the $100 a meter they wanted for the French ones here.
You may think what a rotten Mum.... but what if it had been the wrong shade of cream or she did not like it....
so sorry Kathryn $100 on something that may not be used was not on the cards.
But the raw silk will be beautiful.

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boysmum2 said...

I can't wait for it to get here to see it.
Only 3 weeks to go although I won't actually get to see it because it will go straight to the dressmaker in Rotorua, although think I might have to sneak a peak before it goes there just so I am sure!
Otherwise the first I will see of it will be when it is all made up!