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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Back from my travels where if it could it went wrong

This morning I arrived back from the UK, where I have spent 10 days visiting friends and reli's.

It all started on 9th May, I had a great weekend in Saffron Walden with Ros and Ian and the dog " raddish", yeah I know what a name for a dog, but it seems he came with it already.

Saffron Walden Market

The first thing I tried to do was get some money from a machine...... believe it or not, not one of 3 cards would work, baffled by this we went to the bank and they just shrugged the shoulders and said "sorry contact your own bank". Yeah great on a weekend and I have 37p to my name. God bless Ros and Ian they came up trumps and drew some out of their bank and Eric transferred it back to them almost immediately.

I from there went up to the village of Keyworth in Nottinghamshire, where we used to live and had a lovely time seeing the previous neighbours and friends, I stayed with Carol and Roger, they had invited our mutual friends Joyce, Anne and Malcolm to dinner in the evening and we had a great reminiscing time.
I then spent an evening with Helen in a village just outside of Evesham in the Cotswolds.
Before heading south to Southampton to visit with Family there.
I spent time with my two Aunts who have both been in hospital for major ops over the last few months, they were both well and looking good.
I spent the time staying with Anne and Terry my sister and her husband, and also had time with Paul and Penny the other two siblings of mine. It was great to catch up with all the family news, who had had babies, what grandkids were now at school, and reminisce about when we were all kids and the different way we saw our lives in those days amazing how 4 people can see their childhood and what happened from a different position and interpreted it so vastly differently.
Well the Credit cards continued to play up, working in some places and not in others.
So I guess that was may be a good thing so my spending was slightly curbed....I did say only slightly didn't I.

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