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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Update on the finger

I have had quite a few comments and emails about my poorly finger.. so though I needed to give an update.
The saga was not a nice one it swelled for 2 days .... on day two I did not know where to put my hand, which was quite depressing,  and I got warmer and warmer as the day went on and my face was that red it looked like I had been on the hard stuff for days, with a head ache and  feeling a bit anxious with a few shaky periods by the end of day 3  I was beginning to get a little concerned... so I looked up the  adverse reactions to cortisone injections on the net.... and yes! I was having all the symptoms... by the third night I had total insomnia.  I realised from my past employment in the  medical profession that it would just take time to wear off so I managed  to relax a bit ...... as I was not taking any more steroids so it was just a matter of time for the effects to subside
By Saturday it had worn off and I cooled down but the insomnia is still around and also the not so good dreams that come with the small amount of sleep I am managing to snatch ... this is another  unfortunate side effect of steroids... hopefully in a day or two  I will get some decent sleep.

Also the swelling has subsided ..thank goodness. Lets hope this is all in a good cause and the consultant will be able to detect what is wrong with the top joint of my finger... I didn't realise such a little bit of my anatomy could cause so much pain .


boysmum2 said...

I think I was ready to kill my family the last time I was on steroids after all the dreaming and lack of sleep. Not a pleasant side effect

Isabella said...

OH Laurie you poor thing, at least I dont get all those symtoms when I have mine done I just cant use my hand for a few days with the pain ect., tonight is my no can sleep night it's now 5past 4am so I just gave up .I have to be up at 6am anyway so not worth the bother now :(

By Hoki Quilts said...

O dear Laurie, yoyu really have had it bad. I'm pleased that your swelling subsided following steroid use. Mine did slightly but there is still a lot of residual swelling (and I know it's not 'comfort' rolls)which I've been told may never go.
I hope your medical man can sort something out for you soon.
take care & keep warm

Jenny said...

Oh, you poor thing, what a worry all that must have been, and all caused by the injection. Take care of yourself, won't you.