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Thursday, 21 October 2010

This is really not my year

I am beginning to wonder why I tried to  arrange holidays for this year, So far I have had to postpone  three trips away so far... now I have to give going to Australia away for this year.... A few family commitments and cash flow have gotten in the way this time .. things needed doing here at home and the bill has turned out to be larger than I expected, in fact double what I expected ... the bill I don't mind but it has used up what I was going to use for my Australia trip... OH WELL!! there is always next year. 
So sorry to all those people who invited me to visit for a cup of tea, may be next time .. I am determined to get across the ditch so don't give up on me.

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By Hoki Quilts said...

What a shame Laurie, keep on buying the Lotto tckets my friend. I think 2010 has in general been a bit of a rubbish year for many people, roll on 2011.
keep well