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Monday, 20 June 2011

Spring at Midwinter

At the local supermarket they had boxes of bulbs for sale a few weeks ago

for some reason they were not selling so they put them on reduced sale @ 2 for 1 

Here is one of the baskets I planted up with hyacinths the smell in the dining room is wonderful each morning ... how amazing that the blue ones have taken off so fast against the speed of the others.

At midwinter around about now at the Friday sewing group   ......  we do a small pincushion swap with a few Ladies from Palmerston North ( a town further down the north island) who also have a small sewing group, one of our ladies used to belong to the Palmerston Group when she lived there.

Here is mine for this year ready to be posted all in one parcel but seperately wrapped  .... we do a raffle type draw at each end when we receive them so you do not know who has received yours until they or we open their parcels.
I have received some lovely ones over the years ... Embroidered, patchwork and felt and non are repeated or anything like the same.

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Anonymous said...

love your pin cushion Laurie