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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The campervan

I am sure somewhere in the last few weeks I have mentioned the slight bump I had with a tree that got behind me when I was reversing the camper van on Christmas day.
It was a bit of a mess with the back door bent and windscreen gone
Well it has taken 2 weeks for it to be repaired and while we were at it we had the whole van resprayed and all the rust, lumps and bumps smoothed out it is looking oh! so smart.
The respray was on the cards before the tree hit me, so this just bought it forward a little and made it something we had to do rather than something we were talking about, so a bit of a blessing in disguise really.
Here is the nice new back door
This side seem to get in contact with fence posts and gateways.. but look not a mark anymore
We carry a bike rack on the front and this causes scratches which are inclined to rust so we will have to reorganise the loading of them cushioning the paintwork in future.

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boysmum2 said...

Don't worry, if you haven't mentioned it to anyone lately then Alex will tell them about it. H4e still goes on about it!