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Monday, 19 January 2009

I have to keep up and on track

After viewing many blogs I realised that people are doing wonderful things to their blog sites.
Now not one for being left behind I thought it was time to upgrade, update and titivate my blog.
It was not quite as easy as it seemed it took awhile to get to grips with the finding the site on the web and pasting the new wallpaper into your blog, what happens if that is not the one you like after all .... well you delete and start again, it was getting tedious but the end result is good I think.
I am now convinced that I would not make a graphics designer .. but I won't be hasty for with training I am sure it would be possible. I would much rather be faced with a bag of scraps and told " Produce a Quilt" my reply would be "no problem, how large and who for?"

There are a few things left to do before it is finalised and I am leaving that in the capable hands of my Daughter .. God Bless Her.... I know when I am beat and when to give in gracefully and this is one of those times.

1 comment:

boysmum2 said...

Good for you, it looks great.
Will get that one thing sorted for you andthen it will look even better,
Kathryn x x