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Friday, 23 January 2009

Sewing again

Yesterday I just spent the first whole day since returning to Rotorua sewing, there just seems to have been to much to do with the house etc.
With my new work room now up and running it was great, and every thing seems to be in the right place. The electricity situation needs tweaking a little but nothing that can not be sorted with extension power boards, the cutting table needs to be just a little higher but that also can be fixed with a false top being made to fit the table, or a frame for the table to stand on.

I am in the middle of 48 blocks of the Steeping Stone Quilt.
I decided to do the conveyer belt system where you are working on all the blocks at once, it is working out very well. Here is a view of a few of the 48 (others piled on the table) plus the prototype block.
I have just realised how close these colours are to the quilt in the photo on the blog of a quilt that I really like the colours of. When I chose these colours I had nothing like that in mind, amazing.

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