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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Quilting Superstitions

This list was sent to me, I am not a superstitious person normally but you may well be so here they are.....

Luck .
. If you begin a quilt on Friday, you will never live to finish it.
. Never quilt on Sunday. It is the day of rest.
. If a thread breaks, it will bring misfortune.
. Stitching a spider web design into a quilt will bring good luck.
Love and Marriage .
. Design a bridal quilt with continuous borders of vines or ribbon-
like patterns. A broken border is said to foretell a broken marriage.
. If an unmarried girl puts the last stitch in the quilt, she will become
an old maid.
. If a girl shakes a new quilt out the door, the first man who comes
through the door will be her future husband.
. When a quilt is first taken off the frame, wrap it around an
unmarried woman to give her luck in finding a mate, or throw it at
the first single man she sees to charm him into a relationship.
. Marriage quilts should be laid out fresh so that dreams on the first
night will come true.
. If two people shake a cat in the quilt, the one near where the cat
runs out will marry first.
. A girl who begins piecing a quilt will not marry until it is finished.
. After finishing a quilt, the first one over whom it is thrown will be
married first.
. If someone wraps you in a new quilt, you will get married within a
. If you break a needle, the next baby will be yours.
Miscellaneous .
. After a quilt is completed, the quilter should sleep with the quilt one
night and then give it to the special person it is made for.
. When a person is ill, it is said if they sleep with a quilt, all the love
from the quilt will heal them.
. Never make human figures on a quilt. It is believed the figures will walk
and visit you at night.
. If anyone starts a quilt in the form of a star, someone in the family will
die before it is finished.
. If you dream while sleeping under a quilt for the first time, the dream
will come true.

I often wonder where and when these sayings first appeared, I would guess at the "Quilting bees" of yesteryear. When women gathered to quilt and they had to talk of something.

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Jennifer said...

These are very entertaining! Do you mind if I put them on my blog too? I would of course put in a link to your blog.
Jennifer in Australia