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Sunday, 11 January 2009

My work room in progress

The view from my work room window

As everyone knows we have just returned from Middle East where hubby was working for 2 years, while I had hours to sit and sew and think, I came up with the idea of changing around a few rooms here in Rotorua. So when we arrived back it was put in to all go mode.
Thus I have a new workroom not so much a larger space but a larger cupboard and a much nicer window with a view across the garden and my new water feature, it is also not quite so hot in the summer as it gets almost no sun, so hopefully things will not fade.
All my fabric and items arrived back here in 5 large plastic containers, 10 shoe boxes and all manner of receptacles it was quite daunting for they had to find homes in a new room where I had no idea what was going where.There was also all the items and stuff that never went to Dubai in the old workroom to be accommodated as well.
The shelves are beginning to fill up still more to go in from the old work room
The old work room had lots of drawer space but it was all built in and can not be moved and this room has none, so a trip to the warehouse for some plastic drawers was called for, these little pieces of furniture are actually great as you can almost see whats inside with out opening the drawer.
Everything is begining to find a home, I can tell you things have moved from here to there and back again looking for the best place.
The room is almost unreal as it is so tidy and free from clutter that these photo's will remind me in months to come just how it can look, when I am knee deep in muddle and fabric with not a surface to put anything down on.
Okay, just one more pile to go then I have sorted everything well almost and every box and container has been emptied, and I can get back
to stitching...the thing is do I remember how, it has been about almost 3 months since I did any serious stitching, Where do I start ?
All my fat quarters are neat and almost all sorted into colour, on a shelf in the cupboard, I am getting scared to touch them don't want to disorganise them...I am a real fanatic for seeing things in straight lines etc and am loving seeing all this.
Small sewing machine at the ready.

Quilting machine ready for the off as well.

I really must remember to post some photo's in a few months just so you can see how I have gone along with trying to keep organised....... that will be interesting may be I will open a book and take bets on what the state of room will be.

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boysmum2 said...

WOW, what an extrodinary place, any stitchers dream. So does that mean I will be able to send you a quilt I need quilting and you can help?