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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Thunder and Torrential Rain

Yesterday evening we had an enormous thunder and torrential rain storm it only lasted an hour or so but it did a lot of damage to the flowers and plants in the garden, I really thought that was the end of them for this summer they were all bent and lying down. Many blooms were wrenched from their stalks.
But on getting up this morning the sun was shinning and I took a walk around the garden and along the street and behold all the flowers were stood up again tall and straight you would not believe anything had taken place the evening before
This Gladioli in a neighbours garden was almost flattened
it is now upright and what a beautiful colour

The Cana lilies in the water, I really expected them to be lost but hey! they must be made of sterner stuff.

The Agapanthus this year have been enormous these actually stand 5ft tall and the blooms are almost 18 inches across.
For every one who tries to grow these in the northern hemisphere, who spend hours tending them and are pleased if they manage a 4 inch flower....I am sorry to tell you these are actually a weed here

Most of the blooms from this creeper were knocked off, but this morning new blooms.
I really should find out the name of this plant it is every where and another that grows like a weed, you also gets many different colours, this one is the common colour.

This Fuchsia took a hammering but is hanging in there.

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