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Monday, 12 January 2009

Yard work and spiders and "Trout flies"

Yesterday I spent the day "Water Blasting" the outside of our house and garage to remove all the cobwebs and spiders, ready for it to be sprayed against them. I then did the patio yard and drive, every thing today is looking oh so clean. It took me three and half hours in all, but in fact love playing with water so this job was no great shakes to me I could have gone on for twice as long.

This is something that many countries would not dream of having to do, but here in New Zealand we seem to have an abundance of little creatures who like to live on the outside of buildings.
Although we do not have any creatures that can cause serious harm here most just cause a nuisance at times.

Then to top it off ... living by the lake we have what is called here "Trout flies" these little creatures are like mayflies and are
minuscule and they only live 12 hours and their main aim is to reproduce, they are attracted to light of any kind and if you have security lights it will be swarmed by the flies, which then get caught in the webs made by the spiders, so you then have a dotted web covered house...... OH! the joys of living by a lake.
You just have to remember in the summer time to close the drapes before you turn on a light inside the house.
Or you will not be able to see the ceiling for "trout flies". Now these are quite harmless and it is the idea of them rather than any problem they cause, your first reaction is to spray them.. but no if this happens you turn off the light and leave the room till morning, then you vacuum them all up off the floor in the morning so much simpler and no harmful products being sprayed about....

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