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Friday, 16 January 2009

Friday Nights

A few years back a group of ladies from Embroidery Guild started to meet on a Friday evening.
We do all sorts of things as a group with Charity Quilts and items for our own use, we organise a Pincushion Swap between the 6 of us and gift swaps on our birthdays and Christmas. We do projects like block of the month etc.
This year we had a secret Santa gift exchange,
I thought you would like to see what Anne made for Sugi..... called Girls Day Out
I think these gal's are just neat and can't wait to have a go at them myself.

We do not have enough room in each others houses to take sewing machines so we do hand stitching.
With the time spent in Dubai where I finished various and quite a few hand stitched pieces, this now means I am very short on stitching projects ( until I get organised again) so I checked out the internet and found these cute little Russian Doll patterns done in Red Work they are in sets of three, this is how far I have progressed today, they really will not take long to complete. So watch this space.

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boysmum2 said...

The ladies are so cute, I almost thought you were going to say that this was a self portrait of the ladies in the group!
Now that would make a good flag for your group, you could all design yourselves and have fun dressing them.