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Thursday, 15 January 2009

A Great source of Entertainment

This cat arrived at our house just after the neighbours left, who were renting for a short time next door , we were here such a short time before they moved that we really did not have time to say Hi or Goodbye as they were out at work every day.

He is a lovely cat but needs some care and attention it's coat is in bad shape and very dirty, which is surprising for a cat. It is around morning till night and always on the doorstep by 7am in the mornings ready for me to get up.
It is actually a lovely cat and beginning to get thinner it also does not stray far from my garden and the house next door where I suspect it lived, after asking in the neighbourhood and no one seems to have seen it before, I would guess that it has been abandoned.
I am refraining from feeding it and will give it another few days if no one comes forward who owns it or it gets any thinner then I will call the SPCA shelter.
So in the meantime it is finding great amusement watching the fish, it spends hours doing this, so far I have not seen it try to touch the fish.

From the pictures it actually looks quite large but it has long hair and has lost a fair bit of weight.
I was eating lunch on the deck a few days ago and left my plate with some beans and bread on while I went in side to get some tea, on returning outside it has jumped up on the table and eaten the beans and bread, not what cats normally will eat so it must have been really hungry.

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boysmum2 said...

What you don't want to adopt a cat?