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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Mum working, Grandchild minding

My Daughter in Law Claire has a part time job which is great as she works for "Body Shop" and we get to hear of all the specials and discounts and free samples of new products.
But School holidays obviously causes a bit of a problem with Childcare.

So Grandma to the rescue!!

Ellis ( 8 on Sunday) is at a school holiday programme, but Harvey 4 is at a loose end of course not old enough for the programme .... shame he would love to go.
So I have a list of dates to the end of January for 1 or 2 days a week childminding.

Today is one of those days, Harvey arrived at 8.30 am with toys and games, his bike and scooter perfect for entertaining him all day.

At 9am he asked if he could go and see if Molly and Max are home ( they live 2 houses along the street from me) so off he trots, yes, they are and can he play with them...okay
It is now 1.30pm and I have not seen him all morning, and now they have all gone to the recycling centre and the park with Gill ( Max and Molly's Mum)

Childminding it's easy and no hassle as long as you live along the street from Gill.
Wonder what she is doing next Tuesday Morning ??

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boysmum2 said...

You are not meant to offer to look after them and then palm them off on the neighbour! What are you doing feb 25, can you come and visit and watch tv at our place so Steve can use his Birthday Present?