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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Just one more

As it is the appropiate time of year I thought I would just pop in this one.

'Twas the week after Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even her spouse
The quilting frame had replaced the tree by the stair,
In hopes she'd not be disturbed, she quilted there
Outside the flurries of snow from the sky,
Made not a sound as they floated by.
The needle also made not a sound
As through the quilt it slid up and down.
When out from the kitchen there arose such a clatter;
She flew out of her chair to see what was the matter.
There in his longjohns, stood a sleepy-eyed spouse,
"Why can't I find something to eat in this house?
A knock on the door gave them both a fright
Who'd be calling at this time of night
They opened the door, and what a surprise!

A very weary-looking Santa stood before their eyes.
"I know it's past Christmas, and you think I'm out of my mind,
But I'd like one of your quilts,
if you'd be so kind."You see I'm ashamed,"
he said with a pause,
"But I forgot a present for Mrs. Santa Claus.

"Sir, please help me 'cause you must know how I feel,
A woman can make a man feel like a number one heel.
"The lady smiled, and turned with a grin,
Returned with a quilt, and handed it cheerfully to him.
"Here, Dear Santa, is my latest creation."
And she gave it to him without hesitation.
"the Quilting is good, and the colors quite nice,
""I want her to enjoy it; there will be no price."
"Thank you and God Bless. I knew quilters were great!"
"now I must hurry, as the time is quite late"
And they heard him exclaim,
as he turned to depart,
"Only a quilter would have such a big heart.

Author Unknown - if YOU know,tell me so I can properly attribute this poem

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