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Saturday, 19 March 2011

This week

This week has very busy one way and another

Old bathroom vanity now a thing of the past and a lovely new one in it's place a picture of the lovely man Jim who fitted it for me and some shots of the wall after the mirror tiles were removed he has kindly left me to clean up the wall ... mainly because there is no need to pay him by the hour to do something I can do myself.

So here is the up todate bathroom vanity

with new towel rails I still need to find homes for every thing in the drawers and cupboards but that will not take long ...hopefully
Just the new carpet to come ...wheeeeee!!


Anonymous said...

looking good Laurie i am still waiting for mine to be done

Bee Jay said...


Cheryll said...

Always nice having reno's finished. It looks great too! :)