Grandma and her boys

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Now what shall I do with it all ....

Hey guess what ?   You probably can't so I will tell you
Mr Keys ( Prime Minister of NZ) has given us golden oldies a pay rise wheeee!!
A whole $24.68 a month  .....
I just don't know what to do with it, I know .... may be I will just let the Grand kids have that more expensive ice-cream on Wednesdays instead of an ice pop ..... or the cat can have the expensive Whiskers food that he enjoys so much.
Or may be I will just put it in my purse and it will disappear just like all the rest in there.
Oh worries me!

On a completely different  and more serious note ........
This has been one of those weeks that I can do with out repeating, 2 friends have been diagnosed with  cancer, another needs a bypass urgently, A lovely elderly lady from church has been admitted to hospital with kidney problems ......
another friend has been given notice to quit her rented accommodation
So I send these hugs to them all

1 comment:

Cheryll said...

Well with ALL that money you could pay off NZ And Oz's debt.....haha.
Just enjoy it in a fabric shop I say! :)