Grandma and her boys

Friday, 1 April 2011

Busy Weekend ...all stitching

On a Friday evening I join with some stitching friends and we sew for a few hours have a small supper and gossip and chat to catch up with news, we often do a project together also.

While in Dubai I made a bag and these ladies have admired it since my return, so that has got to be 2 yrs.
Finally we have decided to get together on Saturday and make one .... 1st of course for them  and a new one for me ...well a girl can always do with another bag to join the eight on the back of the sewing room door.
  So watch this space for photo's.

Then Sunday ... Ribbon Rose from Ellersly are coming to Whakatane for the day ... he ups his shop into a van and comes over at the request of Whakatane Embroidery Guild, who then send an invitation out to all who wish to visit him and browse and buy..... we do not have a good embroidery shop in this neck of NZ anymore, and our ordering has to be done  by post, which is okay when you know what you want but some times one needs to see things in the flesh so to speak.      The Guild also put on a nice morning tea so my friend Mhairi and I will be up early and ready for the hour drive for a morning of eye candy.

Then after the visit to Whakatane we are going to drive to Hamilton to visit with my Grand kids to have tea as it is Grandma's birthday .... I can not think of a nicer way to spend it Sewing and with the Grand Kids.


Isabella said...

Happy Birthday Laurie,
Have fun with the eye candy dont over spend that pension rise at the van remember the cat and the grandkids cat wants Whiskers and grandkids want better icecream LOL have a great day my dear.Cant wait to see your new bag.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a great weekend planned Laurie so have lots of fun and happy birthday have an awesome day.
big hugs Sheryl