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Monday, 4 April 2011

Spare time ...what else do I do.

A few years ago I visited the Museum with some guests that were staying with me and as I had been to the place more times that I can count a must for all guests to see..........I stayed in the back ground and during the tour when the guide was free spent some time talking to her ... she gave me the 10 cent rundown of being a guide the outcome of this saga was I started to train as a volunteer guide for the museum ... once the training started it took 13 weeks after which  I emerged a fully fledged guide .. I found my niche was the booked tours normally people from overseas ... groups from as small as 6 ... one time I had 45 this was far to many but  managed.
I do on an average 3 to 6  tours a month, and really enjoy it ...... the history of the museum building itself  is my forte ... it was a spa for about 50 yrs with people coming for all over the world to be treated.... if you would like to see the museum check out this link.

I did a tour a few days ago when we had 58 people and these 2 lovely ladies helped me.
The museum is so busy we actually have 80 guides this is necessary as we run tours on the hour every hour 10am to 8pm every day except Christmas Day ... that is one large number of guides needed.... most guides have a regular slot each week and sometimes two slots, the amazing thing is people do this volunteer job for years it seems once you are a guide it is someting you do for ever,  very few leave.


Ali Honey said...

Belated happy Birthday for yesterday. I hope your day was everything you wished for.
Hugs from Ali.

Wonder if you have had the HEAVY rain we have been getting?

Isabella said...

Sounds like a busy job to me I remember when you started your training :)

Cheryll said...

What a wonderful story! It's nice when we find OUR place isn't it! Sounds like an interesting job/hobby. :)

Bee Jay said...

What a wonderful volunteering project Laurie. I remember the building and never knew that the hot pools had gone however its certainly serving a different purpose well isn't it? Blessings!