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Monday, 14 March 2011

Quiet week ... it all starts to happen tomorrow

This last week has been uneventful and quiet ... did the normal Embroidery Guild and Stitching groups, the weather has been just great, But tomorrow starts the fun and games ...

The original bathroom in this house is in need of a desperate update or remodeling or call it what you want.... What I would like to do is remove the pink bath and put in a "wet room shower" you know no shower stall just tiles and a drain... but I live in a Lockwood house ( entirely wood a bit like a log cabin )and this really is a little more than can really be sensibly done .. but it can be done at GREAT expense far more than I am willing to pay.

Actually it is amazing how good it looks in the picture ... the camera really does lie
So what is going to happen .... a new vanity is going in tomorrow, and a few new trimmings like towel rails and shelves and may be a new mirror ... .
Then I am going to have the luxury of carpet in there no more cold floor in the winter for who ever uses it, it is a very small area so if the carpet has to be changed every few years what the heck.
Then I will stand back and think " Oh well it will have to do!!"
No ... I am sure it will look great ... and anything will be an improvement

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By Hoki Quilts said...

Mmmmm, nice and toasty underfoot on those cold frosty mornings. Good on you Laurie - go for comfort everytime.
Hugs- Miche;le