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Thursday, 24 February 2011

In the post today

In the post today I received my " Seasonal Swap "

from Sheryl in Scarsdale, Vic, across the Tasman Sea.
It was just great to get a parcel of lovely goodies.....
after all the disastrous news in NZ for the last couple of days

So here they are a lovely bag with embroidered Flowers and also a purse with a zip top... I have many uses for these lovely items. Also a wonderful smelling Raspberry scented soap and they really are just my favorite colours.

Thank you so much Sheryl


Anonymous said...

So Glad you like them Laurie and i enjoyed you being my secret swap partner i feel like i know you and your lovely family and thankyou for becoming a follower we will be able to keep in touch now.
big hugs

Isabella said...

They both look very nice Laurie , with all thats happening what more can I say try to keep your chin up my dear.

BubzRugz said...

Beautiful... I have just posted my items...
You have had such an interesting life....

Cheryll said...

Thanks for playing along in OASS. You received some NiCe goodies! :)