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Saturday, 12 February 2011

My Needle Case

This is a picture of the  first needle-case I made ( of this pattern) a couple of questions have been asked "was it a pattern"?  " is it available " ?

Well I have to say ... no not really or not from me ... you see I saw a picture of it on the Internet while we were living in Dubai  I used to while away many hours on the net there when it was to hot to go outside  and I used to collect ideas for stitcheries to use in the future .. for the life of me I can not remember at what I was looking at at the time and it struck my fancy so I drew a quick sketch of it  ... there was no name with it  .... it was just a picture on a Google photo search.
I have since tried to find anything like it on the net but to no avail, I also asked the question with the picture of my needle case to many groups that I belonged to at the time and no one had any idea where it was from etc.
But since then someone from USA did leave a comment and said it was " Atalie "  what  I have since found out  ... she is may be a French designer but I can find nothing about her or where to get her patterns. I have searched the net I can find nothing  similar  and no one seems to know anything about the patterns
I would also be very interested if anyone out there knows anything of her or her patterns.


sunny said...

It's very pretty! I love the new look of your blog. It's so quilty.

Bee Jay said...

oooh... that is intriguing Laurie. I hope someone comes up with some info for you. Something like that really bugs me and I keep at it like a dog with a bone but usually I don't ever come up with any real answers. Well I hope you get some this time! Blessings!

Anna Zont said...

Hi Laurie!
Here is her shop of Atalie: