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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Christchurch NZ

Nature has done her bit again to  Christchurch and lots of other areas in Canterbury with another 6.3 strong earthquake. My heart goes out to you all especially those that are injured or  grieving family members.
It is so so sad to happen again so soon to the same place the people must be beside themselves and we all feel so helpless up here...
approx 70 killed on last TV count, and there are still I believe 60 people unaccounted for that they know of.... we saw shock after shock live on the TV...  since the first shock at 1pm.
The really sad thing is the Cathedral Tower and roof ( Christchurch icon ) has collapsed also killing people

A scene from today's disaster......
They have just spent 5 months cleaning up after the last bad quake and getting their lives back to some normality. Life is so cruel on occasions  How much more can one city take ? I ask myself  ..
We can only pray for them at this point in time.

I believe Miss Deb is okay which is wonderful ...
Oh! how I would love to offer everyone a break up here in Rotorua where the ground is not quite so shaky.

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