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Monday, 21 February 2011

It has been a week ....

So ....  almost a week since I did my last entry my it has been a week...
I managed my 3 swims and 2 arthritis water exercise classes

In between ....
2 committee meetings for  Embroidery and Arthritis 
 1 AGM for Patchwork at which ...I managed to not put myself forward for committee
or allow anyone else to do it, but I am willing to help with our exhibition in June
Embroidery AGM this Wednesday .. but I will stay on this committee.

Sunday saw my Rotary Inner Wheel ladies here for a garden lunch,
all dressed in their garden party hats with husbands and partners ...
we kept it very simple
and just did salad and chicken ( shredded) with cobs
and had a "make your own cob table".
Everyone got to put in exactly what they wished so no one was disappointed.
The committee made slices for dessert and with 8 committee members
we did not have one double up.
Luckily my gardener managed to cut the lawns on Friday ( blessings on him) and the garden was a picture ... thank you Barry.
The rain which was forecast stayed away until the evening and it was also not to hot
but  we had plenty of umbrellas.
I also fitted in 2 sewing sessions Tuesday and Friday  at ladies homes where we ate nice afternoon teas and did a bit of chatting of course along with the stitching...

Embroidery guild Wednesday and a trip to Village Fabrics at Te Puna Friday daytime .....

Guess what today I feel  " I am not sure how?"
May be exhaustion would be a good word so I have vowed to stay at home all day
and do almost nothing ...
Well !! you know as most of you are women who read this ...
nothing means of course .... laundry, dishes, make beds, general cleaning and meals ...
Oh! and do a couple of the minutes of meetings that need typing up.
so in the spare time of this day doing nothing  may be I will fit in a little stitching.

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Anonymous said...

hi Laurie i got tired reading what you fitted in a week,well done.
cheers shez