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Monday, 14 February 2011

Everyone has a pet hate...

Yes ! I know they have ... now mine is ironing it is not a new pet hate been with me for  as long as I have had to do my own ironing..

My iron nice and state of the art    yes ! I do have one  ...  it drives me mad as it switches it's self off if you don't touch it for 5 mins ... very annoying when quilting.

My best reprieve was when we were over seas and I had someone come in to do it or we had a live in maid/ nanny to look after the kids the house and especially the ironing.
When we finally stopped the world trotting life I had to get to it myself this was often difficult and DH would have to ask for shirts etc. They would all be clean but just not ironed.... he also managed a few himself but also not his favourite pastime.

I am not one for resolutions as I just can't keep them ...weak see.

But I have made one today..why ?  you may ask.  
Well there was at least  a couple of  months or more ironing in the laundry and  every time I needed something .... I would iron it there and then. Today after my first cup of tea, for some unknown reason I started to iron all my clothes from the laundry at 7.30am and finally finished at about 10am .. now don't they look good, in fact I love to see them all hung up and crease free...

So have decided I am going to iron as I wash ..... if need be each day that way the pile will never be big ... in theory that its.
Even all the pillow slips got ironed I am not daft enough to iron sheets but do love the pillow cases ironed.
So here I am taking photo's of my washing and ironing ... and telling you about it "How sad  is that "
I had better get a life.
If you would like some of the pills I am on,  just drop me a line ... "gee" these must be good pills if they can make me do ironing.


By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh a kindred spirit resides in Rotorua. After years of having an Amah to do all those sorts of chores for me coming back to NZ was more than a culture shock. Yep a man in uniform needs ironed shirts and yes I iron everything is sight (shhh, even the tops of sheets) but boy how do I detest doing it. However, I'll iron quite happily when sewing LOL.

Bee Jay said...

It must be an international 'pet hate' I think - although I've met the occasional person who really enjoys it - not me! Fortunately my ironing is at a minimum these days with only 2 of us in the house - but there's still those dang shirts to do!

Isabella said...

Please Pretty please send the pills I'm sure hubby thinks I need them however I was thinking I'd give them to him :)