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Sunday, 19 August 2007

Dubai and why are we here

Dubai August 2007

We have done an awlful lot of travelling and living in 11 countries in 30 yrs, Dubai hopefully is the last move before we go home to New Zealand..........

Believe it or not we do actually have a home in Rotorua NZ. Where we hope to retire to one day, this day is not so far off now, may be another year. Then we will be hitting 65 ish and that is the magic age I have been told, and home we go, unless we get an offer we can't refuse I guess.
This is the best I have in the way of a photo here in Dubai of our house....taken a few years ago.
To sum up is somewhere to be... you don't actually live life here, every thing is bigger and better than anywhere else, from Shopping Malls to Buildings, Roads to airports,
they are as I speak building the tallest building in the world already at 143, I will believe them as no way will I be travelling up to check or even going into it from the ground floor ......we at present do not know the final number of floors there will be, they have not divulged that secret yet.
The roads here are 14 lane highways, can you believe they forgot the pedestrian, you can't get from one side to the other of the main street in Dubai.....they run buses to ferry people the length of the highway to the next juction where the bus travels down the opposite side to the previous juntion to turn around and come back. Only in Dubai.!!
the Airport extention during the last 3 yrs is almost finished and a new airport is being built some 40kms away, the extended airport has a life of a couple of years...I did say this is Dubai.
If anyone says they are here for the lifestyle, then they are not being honest...everyone is here for the money.
At this present moment in time it is summer here temps. of 40 to 45 on a regular basis, not a lot of going out being done, although Eric still insists on going running on a Sunday evening with the Hash House Harriers, about 7 kms and then stands around in the desert and has a beer or two and something to eat. Me, well I go along and drive home, so he may drink as the laws in Dubai are a zero tolerance when it comes to alcohol.
The good thing about Dubai...yes! there are a has got to be the food, everything is available from one end of the globe to the other it is catered for here, and to a very high standard and believe it or not, not expensive. There really is no need to cook.
I hope to keep up this blog ... but it may be like the diary each year, filled in for a week in January then it is forgotten, not for any other reason than just overlooked.

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Pauline L. said...

Hi Laurie and Eric: Found yr Blog and enjoyed the pics and story. Will "look in" to yr days regularly. Love, P.