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Sunday, 26 August 2007

Sunday or Monday

Today is Sunday, now that is Monday in the Arab world as the weekend is Friday and Saturday. Confused so are we! as the weekend has just changed in the last few months.
The weekend was all ways Thursday and Friday so back to school and work on Saturdays,

Now just to help really finish of what small amount of comprehension you thought you still possessed when you are getting grey and long in the tooth, someone in their infinite wisdom has decided to move the weekend.

So, to make things clear Friday is now Saturday, Saturday is Sunday and Sunday is Monday...there you go as clear as mud..yes!
As you can imagine it is all to do with the rest of the working world, to give the Arab world longer time working when the rest of the world is working, so now offices are contactable 4 days a week instead of the previously three days, now being Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday.........and I wonder when someone asks "what day is it " I have a mental problem. So God bless the date and day line on my tool bar.
This quilt has nothing to do with the weekend but I thought you may need something to bring your mind back to normal and calm your grey cells, this was made by a friend here and I would love to do one also, so she going to dig out the pattern for me. It is called Butterflies in the attic

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boysmum2 said...

Beautiful Quilt. Keep the pattern would like to put it in my "to do one day pile"!