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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Barbie Hash

The ladies who hash, or wives and girlfriends of hashers, have formed a group called  "Barbie Hash"

we meet of an evening once a month where we run, walk or talk and someone, normally the host cooks a meal, or orders in what ever she chooses.
Everyone wears pink and we drink out of glasses that have a picture of Barbie on them,
in the past we have gone ski-ing ( yes! here in Dubai) and they have gone bowling, had a normal hash night with a run.
Next month they are renting a stretch limousine an hour to tour Dubai then stop at a hotel for a buffet supper all you can eat and drink. A great group there are at least 7 nationalities represented. The ages range from twenties something to a couple of us in our 60's.

This photo is taken at Mona's from Thailand who cooked a fabulous meal. She is in the white teeshirt
Tika ( from Nepal/ HongKong) Mona and myself don't have our pink tee shirts yet.

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