Grandma and her boys

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Ngongotaha, Rotorua

So we made it, a kind neighbour Lynne had put some essentials in the fridge so a cup of coffee was the first thing on the agenda.

Then the re-organisation of the house so everyone had a space of their own. The boys now had a bedroom to themselves, Grandma and Grandpa's stuff had to be moved and packed way in Grandma's study, plus precious goodies that were valuable or sentimental also had to be moved out of harms way, so Iain and Claire could relax a little, with a 6 n 3 year old boys you just never can tell what will happen next.
So we spent a day or so shopping and getting sorted, IRD Numbers, house and car insurance sorted, bank accounts etc.
Iain managed to get to Pom's office to see where he will be working and to introduce the family.

Over the week we met with most of the family and all the kids were introduced to each other.
I managed to catch up with a few folks also, from Embroidery Guild and a couple of friends, but 8 days is so short, never mind I have 7 or 8 weeks from November to January to catch up with everyone.

So good luck Iain and Claire, take care of our house but enjoy it!!

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