Grandma and her boys

Friday, 7 September 2007

Red Quilt

Many years ago I saw this pattern at a craft fair, and thought Yes! if I have a Grand Daughter this would make a lovely quilt for her, the panels would be hand stitched with love by Grandma.
Now we all know that most of life is not a choice least somethings in life are and others are not and the sex of your Grand kids is one of the no choice ones....

So after 2 grandsons I thought oh well !! may be next time and the pattern went away in the UFO box ( unfinished objects to the uninitiated)
A couple of years on and 2 more Grandsons appear so the quilt stayed unfinished.
But I needed stitching and stuff to bring to Dubai so I decided to finish the quilt, it has changed to make it a little more masculine....the original had lots more flowers bands around the borders.
So sorry boys you are just going to have to love it at Grandma's house when you visit.

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