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Friday, 30 November 2007

Home in New Zealand

As most will realise from reading the date, it has been ages since posting on the blog.
There has been good reason for this as we have been on our travels.

We came home to NZ to attend the wedding of our niece Kerry to Daniel

as you can imagine the bride looked stunning and it was a beautiful day

Our grandson's Ben and Alex where ring bearers and looked cute in their tuxedos.

Eric then flew back to Dubai the following day, but I stayed in NZ where I am bumming around in the camper van staying here and there.
I have just spent 5 days at a beach resort where the van was parked within 10 meters of the beach, the weather came to the party and was beautiful. I had my bike along with me and managed a ride every day, I also swam in the hot pools each evening and did a fair amount of walking.
Iain and Claire and the boys joined me for the day on the Sunday when the weather was at it's extra best, my niece and her family who live a few kilometers away from where I was camped also joined us for a BBQ in the evening.

I have spent a few days with Kathryn and Steve and the boys, where I managed to do Christmas shopping for them all. The boys had new bikes and we helped with a new BBQ for the grown ups. I bet you wish you could do your Christmas shopping in one day.

Eric will be back in time for Christmas, when we will have the first family Christmas where we have all been together for years... to many to count, but of course we have 4 extra little folks around this time, Ellis 6 , Ben 4 , Harvey 3, and Alex 2 so it is going to be a real child orientated time.
The silly season starts here next week with the commencement of Christmas Dinners and bashes, I have 4 to attend so far. Of course not a thing to wear, but being summer that is really no problem.

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