Grandma and her boys

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Eric arrives soon

Eric will arrive next week for Christmas vacation.

We have been offered a house to stay in for the rest of our stay in NZ.

Our good friend Prue is going to UK to visit with her Daughter for Christmas, so we are going to house sit for her. There will be the garden to water and flowers to deadhead and generally keep the garden tidy.

It will be great to have something to do outside again.

Christmas is coming

Yes! it is suppose to be coming but as normal we are finding it difficult to get the same Christmas feeling as we use to have in UK....why!! you may ask...well it is Summer here and Christmas is supposed to be in the winter after all.
The decorations are up and the sun is streaming on to them through the windows, all the doors and windows are open and most folks are in teeshirts and shorts.
Christmas lights are up everywhere but you have to go out late at night to appreciate them.
Just to prove it is Christmas here as well, this our front door with it's welcome wreath.
Christmas shopping has gone well and I have actually enjoyed it this year, and it is almost complete.
The family will all come here to Rotorua so we will have a house full ....6 adults and 4 children...... a Christmas celebration like we have not seen in a long time.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Rotorua NZ

So, here I am in New Zealand.
The weather has been great until yesterday when the big black clouds rolled in dropping there contents and the winds decided to blow, but the gardens need it and the farmers as all ways.
The roses in the garden are a picture and this wind is doing them no good at all.
Lets hope it subsides a little as this weekend is the time I have promised Ben a trip to the beach in the camper van. Here is the van I am living in very comfortable and have been very happy wandering around in it. and so far I have not taken up offers of "inside" beds from friends and neighbours.

The house and garden have changed a little with a "new family" living in it, with all their "stuff" around the place it has taken on a new look, so it was quite easy for me to come back here as it did not look much like our house on the inside. The garden is much the same but on a spare plot of land, we have the making of a fort for the Grandsons to play in. I am given to understand there will also be a sand pit , so we look forward to pictures in the future of the finished items.