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Monday, 7 January 2008

Back to Dubai after Christmas in NZ

I realise that not a lot of "blogging" has been done over the Christmas period but with all the happenings and family stuff , life has been hectic to say the least.
We arrived back in Dubai this morning rather jet lagged so thought I would sit and update rather than empty suitcases.
We had a great Christmas period with the family, near and extended in NZ,
I think Iain and Claire found it "different" to have not only sunshine and warm weather but family all around them, they have had only themselves to think about for a few years over Christmas in UK.
All the kids in the family had time to get to know one another, now Ellis and Harvey have met all their cousins that they knew little or anything about. There are Aunts and Uncles coming from all sides, they must be a little confused but kids are very resilient at sorting out who's who. See Kathryns blog for photo's
I got to go and see Ellis's school Christmas show put on by the younger section of the school...wonderful, they tried so hard and remembered at least 95% of what they were doing, and it is all so innocently done. If you ever have chance to go along to one of these performances you should take it, along with the smiles it can bring on a tear as well. Ellis is the blonde in the middle of front row ....

We had a great time house sitting our friend Prue's house, her house is, as ours was, before someone extended ours twice. She does not have a wood burner stove in her lounge and it therefore gave her a lot more scope on arranging furniture and the TV etc. We were very taken with this and it has made us decide to remove our woodburner and have Heat Pumps fitted next year.

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